Reduced dose of chemo...

Reduced dose of chemo…

Reduced dose of chemo… Now that I’m feeling a bit better I’m starting to consider the implications of a reduced dose of chemo. My team has decided to abandon the day 8 dose of my cmf and go straight in with round 2 next week at a reduced dose. Surely a reduced dose means that the effects of the chemo will be reduced. Has anyone who has had their dose reduced had the long term effects explained to them? I will ask at the clinic next week but would appreciate some feedback from people that it has happened to before. I know that I am only having chemp as ‘insurance’ but can’t help thinking they wouldn’t be putting me through this if there was no chance of there being any nasty cells to fight. I went throught the epirubicin part of the treatment with virtually no problems.


Hi Ollie

Although I was on a different chemo regime to you and mine was neo-adjuvant, I did have a reduced dose following the first one. I became seriously ill following my first cycle and they said that I would not tolerate the full dose in future.

I was given 75% of the dose for my next 3 cycles (2 were cancelled as I couldn’t tolerate any more), I had supposedly the best results my onc had seen in a long time! The tumour completely disappeared and they were unable to locate the original area until post op!

My onc said it would do no harm nor affect my long term prognosis.