Reduction - advice on everything!1

hi ladies,
Not been on for a while but off work after reduction on good side. One week on and still in a lot of pain but it looks good and i,m sure it will be worth it. had nipple done on other side at same time, so feeling like i’m all done now!!
Just a couple of questions for advice on, all my bras are rubbing underneath where the scar is, even soft ones and worried it will take ages to heal up, but don’t like going without a bra. Also can I wear “normal” bra’s now? i have still been wearing mastectomy bras that are well past their best now. Will i be able to wear high street ones instead of spending a fortune. I know i will have to be measured as not sure what size i am now, probably 40 b or c. Advice on where to go please, ( I live in manchester).
It has been a long 3 anda half years since DX but feel like i’m moving on at last!!!
Best wishes to everyone out there going through the same.

Hi Marg

I would suggest firstly a non underwired bra or try a vest top instead of a sports bra. No idea what size you are so don’t know if this would suffice for you. Also you can cover the areas where the scarring is with thin panty liners as they are sticky and this really does work (sticky side on bra of course and not your skin). I think it’s still really early days for you though and you need to be really careful with the area.

Best wishes
Ruby x

hi…my surgeon recommended Amoena bras and I had to wear them 24/7 for 6 weeks.result is a lovely shape on both sides.I wore the BEA bras which i think were £22 each, they send them by next day delivery and you don’t pay vat on them.A really good service…I have only just stopped wearing my bra in bed now, and have returned to ‘normal’ bras at last, so feeling rather more feminine! I am still to have a new nippple on my ‘bad’ side, but will have it done sometime after radiotherapy, i guess.I’m told my surgeon makes wonderful nipples, and actually i had started to think i wasn’t bothered about having one , but now that I see how my restructed nipple on my good, reduced side, is reacting to cold, I think I will have one done, as it looks a bit odd on the nippless side…too smooth!!

hi Narnia,
i saw my nipple for the first time today when the dressings were removed, oh my god!! It looks enormous!! looks great though and the nurse said it will shrink down.
Intersting as nobody gave me advice on bra wearing, but i do wear Amoena bras anyway so will continue until everthing is completely healed, great to hear i could be in normal bras soon.
i also took my prothesis into the clinic today as apparently they can send them to be used in other countries, just felt great to think i wouldn’t need them anymore… Another step forward

Hi marg…yes my 'moved 'nipple on my good side looked enormous too, but has settled down now, it really is a lovely shape, and i’m hoping that if I do decide to go for a new one on my roght side, it willl match up! It’s good to know your prothesis will go to a good home too.