Reduction on 'good' side

I have an appt with my surgeon in Sept to discuss this. I was dx with IBC in Oct 2005, have had a local recurrence followed by skin mets to my mast scar.

I’d like to hear from ladies who have had a reduction and am especially intersted in what the op entails, recovery time etc.

Many thanks in advance,
Jackie x

Hello Mabel,

I had a reduction just a few weeks ago. My surgeon did it all in one. I had my wle, and snb and the reduction.

I have to say I felt no pain or discomfort and had a really good recovery. It will be 4 weeks on Wednesday. The worst thing for me were the dressings during that heatwave! But a minor inconvenience for a very good outcome.

My scars are very neat and I had no stitches, was “glued” together.I saw my surgeon last week and she was pleased with it all. I just have steri strips across the scars for now, just as an added kindeness to them!

Any more questions? Be glad to help.

Hi smelltheroses,

Thank you so much for your kind reply :slight_smile:
Wow it sounds as though everything went brilliantly for you surgery wise. Very, very encouraging.
Did a breast or plastic surgeon perform your op?
How long do you have to be off work?

I’m so glad you are recovering well,
Take care,
Jackie x

Hi Mabel,

My surgeon was onco-plastic (think that’s right) ie both! All is still well and healing nicely. I am very pleased that I had the procedure and had every confidence in the surgeon. I think this is routinely done in my hospital as they are concerned about the “whole finish”!

I am still off work as I am starting chemo tomorrow but could well have been back in work this week. Had op on 17th June.

Let me know what you decide.

Best wishes,

Hi Jackie

I too am thinking of going for a reduction of my good side, i had a left mastectomy July 06 and i dont want a reconstruction but would like my 32E cup reduced as i feel so unbalanced!

I mentioned it to my surgeon on my last checkup and he said he would do it, he told me a little about the op but i said id have another good think before committing myself, so i only know the basic proceedure…around the nipple is cut so it can be moved to be more central on the smaller breast…he said as with all surgery there is risk of infection and also i could loose some sensation in my nipple, the shape and size could also not be exactly as i would expect…he said it is still major surgery, but nothing compared to mastectomy or reconstruction. maybe a 1 night stay in hospital as there would have to be a drain inserted. I forgot to ask, but i was wondering whether the breast would be lifted also or is this a seperate op…i dont know.

I must admit, i felt a little petty asking about this op, as i am so so gratefull to be still here! but he was wonderful and said although most reductions on the good side are to match up with a reconstruction, he has done many for the reasons i have.

I am under Mr Baildem at the Christie who is wonderful…he did my mastectomy and is a onco/plastic surgoen.

Best of luck Jackie getting some more information, ill be watching this thread with interest…

Julie xx

Hi ladies,

Yes, I was warned about loss of sensation and was expecting that but all is as it was… Amazing, I thought! I also had uplift. 4 weeks on, I really pleased with way the op has gone, but am now wondering if a little more could have been taken away! So do be clear with your surgeon about your expectations, I don’t think I was. That said I am pleased over all. And she was a fab surgeon.

Good luck.
Sheila x

Hi Julie,

Thank you for posting your experience. I know exactly what you mean about finding it difficult to ask about this type of surgery. It’s taken me ages to pluck up the courage to even ask for a consultation and my hubby and my Mum are very against me having any further ‘unnecessary’ procedures.
I’m at the point where I feel my confidence will improve (my mast was 3 years ago) with a reduction. I’m a 34F and feel teribly unbalanced. Your information helps so much, it sounds as though they would not have to go anywhere near my skin mets which are along my scar line. This is very encouraging.

Sheila, how did you decide on size?

Jackie x