Referal for a mammogram and ultrasound, age 20

Hi everyone,
For a while I thought my breasts felt rather odd but was convinced it was normal so ignored it for months. At the beginning of this year I started to get increasingly concerned and went to the doctors in march. She confirmed that I did infact have a lump in both breasts with the right hand one being significantly larger. She placed me under observation and invited me back in 6 weeks.
I attended the second appointment thinking she’d say everything was fine and there was nothing to worry about. Instead she told me the lumps had grown and that the right hand side had grown to 5cm. Already I began panicking as that seems huge.
That was at the beginning of the month and I’m currently waiting for a mammogram and ultrasound appointment.
I’m only 20 years old and currently studying a full time degree. Given that it’s the middle of exam season, with this added stress I’m finding it so difficult to concentrate and I’ve never felt more alone what with living away from home.
My mum had a tumour removed when she was younger and my great aunt had breast cancer. I’m so terrified and I can’t help thinking the worst. The lump is growing rapidly and I can now visibly see it when I turn sideways in the mirror.
Any advice and comments welcome, anyone else in a similar situation? Coping techniques?

Hi Tinker,
Well, you’ve done all you need to in getting it seen to & its good you’ve been referred, the breast clinic will get to the bottom of it.
Inevitably, the mind does go into overdrive, but it is reassuring that, especially at you age, bc is the Least likely reason for your symptoms.
In coping with this, it can help to carry on as normal & try to put it out of you mind by distracting yourself from those thoughts.
As we say to many women on here, its also best to avoid general googling of symptoms as it only creates a shed load of anxiety, which has no effect on the outcome, doesn’t change anything & only feeds the anxiety monster.
If you need info, then use this site & do come & chat on here whenever you need to.
let us know how you get on
ann x