Referral mammogram clear but still have pain-advise please?

Hello! Well I had my breast clinic referral appointment yesterday and had a mammogram and then a clinical examination. The Dr said that there was nothing of concern showing on the mammogram and that the lumpiness was what she would describe as glandular tissue - quite common, and noticeable on me as I am very slim and she was happy to leave it at that with the advise that I have a yearly mammogram from now until I am 50. I am delighted, however I still have constant pain in the left breast and am unsure of what I am supposed to do about it? Paracetamol have no effect! Also am a little concerned that I should just leave things at that, as have read that mammograms can give a false negative in up to 20% and wonder if I should get an ultrasound done to be absolutely sure? I am 39 and am barely an A cup, so don’t know if this makes a difference? Am I being duly over concerned? Any thoughts and advise would be really welcome.

As I said to someone in another thread if you are still concerned go back and ask for further tests. It will niggle you otherwise. Also the fact that you are in pain remains so if nothing else you need to be told why you are getting this pain and what to do about it.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Hi there .I dont want to scare you but when i was DX last Oct my mammo was clear…it shoed absolutely nothing … it was the ultrasound that showed the areas of concern the needle biopsy done at the same time as the ultrasound confirmed it … I am 52and my BC ER pos .
If youcan get an ultrasound go for it … it is prob nothing as the doc has said but at least this way you can put your mind at rest …it wont do any harm to be cautious ,
Let us know what you decide Good luck

I also had a lump which didn’t show up on a mammogram and very painful breasts which were painful for years. It used to be thought that women with breast pain were neurotic until some research in Wales found that a randomised group of women with breast pain proved that the ones in pain were no more neurotic than the ones without pain. It was the usual thing of doctors thinking us women were imagining we were in pain. Well we weren’t.I was given a prescription for evening primrose oil that made no difference whatsoever. I think research has now proved that this doesn’t work but I was prescribed it in about 1997.

Pain isn’t usually associated with breast cancer but it can be. In my case I had a condition called sclerosing adenosis which is benign which can cause pain. Sclerosing means hardening and adenosis - could be something to do with glandular tissue but not sure. Anyway it’s associated with fibrocystic changes which are extremely common in women in the years leading up to the menopause. Pain in breasts is called mastalgia and is very common in the lead up to the menopause and before.

I also had breast cancer though which as mentioned didn’t show on a mammogram.

I only found out I had breast cancer when I had the lump removed as they thought it was all sclerosing adenosis, it wasn’t


jojo, if your still not happy then i would ask for a second opinion.

i had a second lump that didn’t show up on the mammogram but was seen clearly on ultrasound.