Referral to breast clinic.

Have found this site so helpful and my thanks go out to all you lovely people who share your stories. I have a referral appointment on Thursday and I am finding it really hard to cope. Trying to remain positive and hope that my Doctor Is right as he said he thought I had nothing to worry about. My symptoms were treated as mastitus with antibiotics. The mastitus came on after I had been gardening. I had got really hot and had to go and change my bra because it was annoying me. I suppose it could also have been caused by a bite. Anyway that’s just the details, the antibiotics worked and all redness gone but was left with some lumps and indentation around the area of infection. Got myself in a right state after trying to find information on Google and that’s when I went back to the doctors and he reffered me. Suppose I am wondering if any one has had similar. The waiting is just horrible. X

Hi Sessy,yes the uncertainty and waiting is horrible and it’s very hard not to let your mind run away with itself and dwell on the worst case scenario .I have spoken to many ladies in your position over the last year and the vast majority with suspicious symptoms get the all clear and there are far less worrying explanations for the symptoms .If you do get diagnosed please try and remember that the most women diagnosed with breast cancer will be alive and kicking in 10 years time and progress is being made all the time .Good luck let us know how you get on.Jill.

Thanks for your reply Jill. Your words have been on my mind all through my appointment today. The waiting is awful but got the all clear this afternoon. Will never Google symptoms ever again. All the best to you, xxx

Great news,you will sleep better tonight!!!