Referral to clinic

I had a routine mammogram at the beginning of sept & last week received a letter asking me to go to the “second part of the test” at the breast care clinic. Ive not found any lumps or had a change in shape or size of my breasts nor any discharge! Obviously im petrified as i think i must have not checked properly, but have checked constantly since receiving the letter. Has anyone else been referred when not having any apparent symptoms please?

Hi there


Like you I had no symptoms but my mammogram spotted calcifications. Even the consulatants couldn’t feel anything at my first visit to the breast clinic. They have turned out to be DCIS intermediate grade for which I am going to have surgery but not Chemo or Radiography which I consider to be a big plus.

Usually those things are benigh and if they are not, it’s great that whatever it is has been spotted early and can be treated.

I guess you will be having a biopsy soon, if you want to ask me anything, please do.

Don’t be scared, you will be really well looked after.

Hi Cazzie29,
I was diagnosed following a routine mammogram, no lump, it’s not uncommon. But not all such referrals are confirmed as cancer so don’t despair! You are likely to have ultrasound and a punch biopsy as well as a repeat mammo. I hope your appointment is soon, the waiting is the worst bit. Have you anyone that can go with you? I didn’t have, but I would recommend it if you can.
Wishing you all the best,

All the very best. Hope it’s all positive news x x

Hi 75LM, how did it go? I’ve been diagnosed as having a stage 2 cancer growth but it’s been caught early & prognosis is good. I have to have an MRI as my breast tissue is dense so they want to check nothing is hiding, then it’s the op, radiotherapy & 5 years of tablets. A lot to take in today but could have been worse. As far as I’m concerned I do not have breast cancer, I have a tiny cancerous growth (for now). Thinking of you 75LM