Hi, feeling a little anxious and memories back from last years surgery and radiotherapy. Have been feeling great since getting on top of things with support but on just having a follow up at the doctors, after finding a small lump under my armpit on the other side in Feb this year and it not going and getting slightly bigger as the years gone on, she re-examined me this morning and has referred me back to the clinic on fast track. She said she noticed a difference in breast tissue along from where the lump is from my armpit. I’m sure its absolutely nothing to worry about but can’t now stop feeling a bit anxious about it. Sorry for the long post, but feel safe on here! 

Here is a good place MHaz.  Keep posting; others will join in supporting you. You have a hug from me. 

Hi MHaz


It’s natural to feel a bit anxious, even a lot anxious. Try to remind yourself that most breast lumps turn out to be harmless - but it’s always best to get them checked out. Fast-track sounds scary but it’s meant to reassure us. All Trusts are obliged to fast-track potential cancer referrals, with a maximum of 2 weeks between the referral and being seen. Knowing that may reduce your worry just a little bit?


Good luck - I hope you get reassurance soon x

Quite natural to feel anxious, I would too. Great that you’re being fast tracked as the less waiting there is the better, in my opinion. The longer you hang about the higher the anxiety levels. Try to remember that it’s a 50/50 chance at the moment that it could be something non cancer related. This is indeed a safe place to bring your worries. Keep us updated as to how you get on. Big hugs. ? x