Referred for PET scan - question

Following CT and MRI scans my onc has referred me for a 

PET scan as suspicious area on liver and abnormal abdominal nodes.  Also suspicious area on other breast so booked in for further US.  So in reality given all these ‘suspicions’  I am gearing myself up for the worst.  


Been contacted to arrange date for PET scan to be told that as never had one, will need to be 4 weeks after last chemo.  I am only on round 2 of chemo (as of today) and ONC now to advise if to stop chemo and scan, or to wait until all sessions done.  


Question - has anyone else been in this position?  Concerned that if stop chemo then will have no chance of reducing lump, as I am also TN so only real way to go with this.  


Question - can mets be of different type in different areas?  Eg. TN breast but her+ liver?  Does the treatment change at all?


Apologies as I know that these are all questions for ONC, just I was told the news about recent scans and was in a daze and only thought of questions once I left the building!  In so much of a daze that I forgot to hand in form from ONC to rebook follow up appointment for 3 weeks later! 

Hi Tanz I’m not sure about all the ct and waiting between chemo treatment, but if it means you just delay one session by a week, so if you have it 3weekly then you just wait an extra week for the next this really won’t make much difference. I’ve had to postpone this week as I’ve been unwell. I asked my onc if bones can be different to my lung as that had shown to be TN and he said possibly but unlikely however I had extensive spread to bones whilst trying hormonals so it was unlikely they were er pos. what chemo are you having ?