Referred to breast clinic, so worried

I’m only 24 but a couple of months ago I started getting some random pains on my left breast, near to where my armpit is. These pains come and go, they aren’t constant but when they come they bloody well hurt!


These pains led to me feeling around my breast and I noticed some lumps on the left side that weren’t on the right side. To be fair they did feel like fatty lumps that move around but the fact that they weren’t on both sides worried me. I’ve also had a few cherry angiomas pop up recently. But the pain went off for about a month so I didn’t worry too much and sort of forgot about it.


A week or so ago the pains came back im the same place but also underneath the breast felt sore when I pressed on it so I booked a docs appt (although the pain has since subsided again and seems to come and go).


Went to the docs yesterday and explained / showed her where the lump was - she felt it and referred me to a breast clinic straight away, my appt is in 12 days (which I believe is an urgent referral as it says so on the letter?) & I’m petrified! I also start a new job in 4 weeks and I’m so scared if it is something that it’ll completely mess up my new job that I’m really excited to start Sad


The doc didn’t say much about what she felt she just said to try not to worry and to take pain killers for the pain in the mean time. In my mind pain + lump = cancer?


Does anyone have any similar circumstances? How did you get through the time before your appt? I’ve cried both nights since the referral from worry, if I wasn’t starting a new job soon I wouldn’t be so worried but I’m scared what they will think. As soon as I sit down in the quiet it’s all I can think about, wish I could get it over and done with sooner.

Hi arookey,
Easier said than done, but please try not to stress about it & carry on with your new job plans as usual.
It is completely right & normal procedure that your GP has referred you to the clinic, as that is the only place to get it sorted out for you.
Honestly, there are very more common reasons for your symptoms & for someone of your age, bc is the most unlikely.
Just try to carry on as normal, do not google your symptoms as it only feeds anxiety for no good reason & you’ve done all you need to do for now.
If you want to, let us know how you get on.
ann x

What you’re feeling is quite normal. You will get through it & it sounds like you’ve done pretty well so far in how you’re handling it.
Chances are, all will be well, it usually is, & you’ve done exactly what you need to do anyway.
Do let us know what happens & take care.
ann x

Hi how you getting on now ?