Referred to breast clinic


I saw my GP this morning as I’ve had some changes in my right breast, it’s now a good cup size smaller than the left, has a ‘flat’ area on the top left and I’ve had some discharge from the nipple. 

The dr did an exam and said I’m sorry not to be able to reassure further than there being no lumps so I’ll do a referral to urgent breast clinic and we’ll go from there, my appt is 30/4/19 @10am and now I’m worrying myself stupid about what’s going on. 

Anyone had similar happen? 


Hi Smithy,

Any & every breast change can be something or nothing, so it’s completely right that your GP has referred to have it properly looked at as only the breast clinic can sort it out. 

Unfortunately, waiting is always difficult, but you’ve done all you can do for now, so it can help to carry on as normal & keep busy. 

Most commonly, there’s a far more common reason for any breast change & usually, it turns out to be nothing serious. 

If you want to, let is know how you get on 

ann x