After my med team saying no to reflexology during chemo I have finally got round to booking my first session 1 yr later! Going next week, hoping it will help with the hot flushes as it did for my sister. I’ll keep you informed if it helps. Going to start getting a massage regularly too. It’s my time to treat me for a change!


Hi Irene, I just love my reflexology, have it for 40mins at the local hospice where i go for day care, it is just soo relaxing. Must admit it has not done anything for my sweats but i don’t have one during treatment. As i can’t have massage due to lymphoedema i find this the best thing for me. Must admit the night before i get the old pumice stone out and moisturise and deodorise my foot. It is amazing what the reflexologist can find about you just from your feet, she picked up on my neck problem, lower back problem and my irritable bladder!

You will so enjoy it, just sit back and relax and enjoying the pampering!

Let me know how you get on

i have just had 3rd chemo and asked onc and she said ok to have reflexology.

Just got back from my first session of reflexology, she also did some Reiki on me too which she recommended, I’m affraid I was a bit sceptical, particularly when she said she would send me an hour of it every night while I sleep, uuurrmm!

Enjoyed the whole experience though and did have physical side affects afterwards, I was dizzy and wobly on my feet and also had a perculiar taste in my mouth. It was very relaxing and the therapist was amasing. She picked up on all sorts of stuff that I had hidden deep. I think she may be able to help me with my other ‘stuff’ too.

She asked me if I was ever depressed and I hesitated as I do often feel fed up but that is not what I would call depressed. MY GP keeps trying to get me on anti-depressents. My new friend!, told me she thought I was sad, and that is exactly how I would describe myself. She also picked up on my problem relationship with my now deseased alcoholic mother, and the closeness I have to one of my 6 siblings. It was freaky.

So I’m def going back next week.


Hi Irene,

Keep drinking plenty of water as it detoxifys you, that will help with preventing headaches. Glad you enjoyed it, did you go private as i would love to know the cost, i have mine done at the hospice which is free but not very frequent and i would like it a bit more often


Hi Suzzanne

Yes, my treat to me, putting me first and dealing with my appaling low self confidence due to my body image. It was £35 but I was in with her for 2 hrs, meant to be 1 1/2hrs but the talky bit took ages due to all my problems, medication etc etc. Reflexology part was 45 mins. Next time it will be £22 for 45 mins.

She suggested weekly for 4 weeks, then fortnightly then monthly. She does alsorts of other therapies including massage, lymphatic massage, head massage, reiki. She even does scar massage and is very highly trained so I feel confident she knows what she is doing, her manner is very relaxed too.

Yes drinking the water, no wine tonight as suggested but am away for a social weekend so it’s not going to be easy not drinking. I will just have to be sensible and keep the drinking to a minimum. She wants me to exercise more and I do too. We have agreed that this is something she is going to help me to begin as I have zero motivation but desperately need to lose some weight and combat my fatigue, both should be helped by exercise.

Mind you, I have had a really sore knee and painful joints so exercise has been hard.

I’ll report back after my next one,