regulating periods?

ladies, I am on tamoxifen and am having really irregular periods. I had one about 3 weeks ago which was my first since Dec last year. I think that I have a further period about to start - is there anything that can be done to regulate them at all? assume that oncs dont like the low dose contraceptive pill ? silly question maybe.

Vez xx

My ONC said my periods would definatly stop in the first year…I am 6mths in and they are still regular. She said it is very unusual for people to continue with their periods on Tamoxifen and for me to just be patient! So i guess be patient and wait for them to stop!!!

good luck

seems bit strange - why do they give Zoladex to ladies for a period of 2yrs then if they know that period will stop on their own. will just be patient as you say xx

does anyone else have any experience of this ?