Have heard that Reiki can be really good for sense of well being and other things. Has anyone tried it?

Dear Sue

Breast Cancer Care have a publication on Complementary therapies that has a section on Reiki that you may find helpful for Lisa. You can either download it direct from the website via the link It is important with any complementary therapy to check with your medical team prior to starting. I just also wanted to add Sue that we are all so pleased Lisa’s operation went well and she is at home with you and smiling again

Kind regards

Hi Sue

I have Reiki as well as acupuncture. Whether it does any good I don’t really know (the acupuncture does as it’s been reflected in my blood tests) but I enjoy having it and maybe that’s part of it plus the chap who gives me Reiki comes to my house and we have also have a laugh.

I think it’s like everything, if you like it and enjoy it then go with it.


I’m interested in reading anyone else’s experience - I know nothing about it but my friend who lives abroad has asked if I would agree to her trying Reiki distance healing on me. I’m sure it can’t be harmful, anyway.

Hi there

I have a friend who gives me reiki and i find it makes me very relaxed and a good sense of wellbeing. I know reiki can be done at a distance.
Best wishes

Thanks for that … Someone at work does Reiki and he says that it really works at making people feel better and just wondered if it would be worth having a few sessions. He even uses it with dogs apparently.

I’m a level 2 Reiki Practitioner and would be willing to give treatments to anyone who lives locally to me in Hornchurch, Essex. It would help me to keep my skills up and would help anyone who wants to give it a try. It’s wonderfully relaxing.

I had reiki for a couple of years after initial diagnosis when I felt life was spiralling out of control. Something undoubtedly helped and enabled me to get back on an even keel. It was a fascinating experience. While I have not felt a need to go back, I would not hesitate if things start to get back on top of me. There is nothing in the technique that is counteractive to treatments and all of the medics I asked said they see absolutely no reason to stop going.

I would say go with it - even if merely for the experience.

Hi Sue
I’ve had reiki by two different practioners although both have been really relaxing, one of them also makes me feel really posotive, don’t know why but I would tsay its definately worth trying.
Liz x

I reckon it’s always interesting to see how complementary care like reiki, homeopathy, music etc works on animals as they’re not as suggestible as us humans can be.

I can’t speak personally for Reiki as my only experience of it has been with people who just dable but I’ve never heard of it doing any harm that’s for sure.

Reiki is relaxing and can only be helpful, it is given for a person’s highest good. There is only one thing better than a course of Reiki treatments and that is learning how to give yourself Reiki, it is good to lie in bed and give yourself a treatment, you can still have professional treatments but the personal, daily treatments are very helpful, physically and emotionally.

Hi Sue, I have had reiki twice, given by different people and just felt so relaxed and wonderful afterwards. A great experience. Maddy

Hi everyone

I swear by Reiki/Spiritual Healing. Had my first full treatment post chemo (3 years ago)…and I was sold. And I was a total non-believer before. Now, I am a Reiki Master and would recommend anyone to have their first attunement so you can treat yourself and not have to pay for it!!! You can also do swops with friends too.

Apart from wonderfully relaxing, I found the personal development side of Reiki very beneficial for me. I’m not saying I don’t get my down days…who doesn’t. But, it has given me hope and strength to stay in my body…which is kind of important when you have a 4 year old to look after.

If anyone would like me to add them to my healing grid or to send them distant healing, please message me and I would be very happy to add or send healing to you.

Alternatively if anyone lives close to Bridgend or Cardiff I would be happy to personally give you a treatment.

Lots of love to everyone

Jeni x

I had reiki last week for the first time. It was given to me at the end of a reflexology session and I did find it has helped me cope this week. I have felt serene! I was very sceptical and didn’t actually ask for it but my therepist recommended it. I will def have it again.

She has also banked 7 nights of it. Apparently it visits me while I’m asleep! Not sure if I believe that though but keeping my self open to anything positive.


Hi Irene

The healer/therapist can send it distantly. I too was very very sceptial in the begining, but once I sent someone healing distantly…well it was amazing.

It’s also similar to praying, when I was going through treatment, my ex husband’s auntie - a nun, had the whole convent praying for me, (I’m not very religious, but it’s the thought that counts isn’t it?) which was nice to think people were wishing you well…very humbling.

Go with what resonates with you, if it helps do it, if it don’t don’t. :0)

Lots of love

Jeni x

HI Irene…sweet Reiki dreams…haven’t had it yet, but found aromatherapy sent me comatose and the therapist had to drive me home and leave my car in the local village car park. I really must go and have some more therapy…under no illusions that it can help/cure my bc, but sure feels so good to be relaxed.


Binnie, what do you mean? Did you feel something yourself? Does it drain you? My therapist gave a big sigh today when she had finished. We had 3 interuptions as she had no one to answer the phone and so we over ran with someone else waiting, she seemed a bit flustered and I wondered if she needed time herself to return to ‘normal’. Don’t really understand it all.


Hi Irene

No it doesn’t drain me as I am just the channel for the energy. And now I am able to stand in my own power and protect it. You also have to clear your mind and let the energy flow, and leave any problems you have “outside.” Sometimes you are shown, clairvoyantly symbols, or images, or receive intuitive messages. Therapists sometimes “shift” an energy block and they may jutter etc. It may have been the case that she was not happy with the way the treatment went, due to the interruptions and wanted to be able to give you quality time.

It is important for the therapist to protect themselves and the client prior to the treatment commencing. I use a white light to surround and protect. It sounds like your therapist busy, esp with phones ringing and the next client waiting, it is a tought one when your trying to concentrate on the client on hand. And you are the one who ideally is there to rest and relax not to be aware of what the therapist is trying to deal with.

I generally work from home, or visit the client, I ensure phones are turned off, unplugged etc and that there will be no interuptions, as it is not fair on the client, especially if they are paying.

There is a lot of information available on the net and in books.

Feel free to ask any questions.

Lots of love Jeni x

Thanks jeni thats really interesting. Yes the interuptions were distracting. She has someone on the phone in the afternoon so we have made my next app for then. She used to work from home but this is a new business venture for her, the phone thing could be an issue though as she needs to be able to make appointments and not miss business but employing a phone person would put up the costs and I can only just afford it as it is!


Hi Irene

Is there a hospice or self help centre near to you that offer free or reduced price treatments? I live in Bridgend, South Wales and there is a centre not far away called Sandville, they offer free treatments and also have facilities for residential stays - for those who really need a break. I have been there once or twice, had a look around, but not had any treatments there.

I know Velindre Hospital in Cardiff offer therapies for free. It’s a specialist cancer hospital in Wales.

My policy, is for those who are on a low income, ill, have BC etc is to offer a treatment for free. I am not sure if you are aware that there has to be an energy exchange in order to receive Reiki. Now days its money, but it can be anything. e.g. My friend cut my lawn and I gave him a treatment. I know what it is like to want any type of complementary therapy, when you’ve just been diagnosed or having treatment and even afterwards…you just don’t have the money to pay for it, when you need it the most! So, any of my propspective clients, even if they come armed with a bar of chocolate - that’s the energy exchange :slight_smile: I love chocolate!!! A bottle of wine is good too :slight_smile:

With Reiki, setting the intent is important. Your giving the healing for the clients highest good and if your concerned about where the next client is coming from the intent changes somewhat. This is not your therapists fault or problem that would be “negative.” I would merely put it down to experience and as you have done - ensured as best you can that the next treatment will go undisturbed. And setting up in new premises is challenging and as you say has additional costs.

Alterneratively, you could get attuned yourself and then you are able to give yourself treatments and not have to pay for them!! Reiki 1 is around £100, but most therapists will offer a payment plan. It’s also worth asking your therapist if she offers concessions.

Love and light

Lots of love Jeni x