Reinstate all of the drugs recently removed from the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF)

The UK Government has just announced the removal of a huge number of life preserving drugs from the Cancer Drugs Fund list of agreed treatments.


Please sign our petition to reinstate the medicines


The Cancer Drugs Fund was an emergency budget introduced to save or prolong lives while the National Institute for Clinical Health ponders on whether to agree funding. In a crass, hurried review of the drugs on the list massive cuts were made both in May then again September 2015 which denies potentially thousands of people remission from cancer, They quote the drug manufacturers’ figures based on average extension of life but these figures do not represent a huge number of people who gain years from these drugs as they include people who immediately fail to respond to them.

Thanks for the link sw0. I’ve signed it.


I’ve already signed but put Hubbies name down x

Signed and shared on fb x

I’ve signed.  We need all these drugs back. 

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signed and shared

Signed and shared… Wolfie xx

Can someone put the link on the home page so others groups can sign please?  I’m not sure how to.  I’ve already written to my MP and get unsatfactory reply.  I will try to get to the petition.