Relieving hot flushes with medication

Hi, having been on Tamoxifen for a year and Zoladex for 6 months, I think the time has come to try and get these dam hot flushes under control. My Oncologist has suggested Ventlafaxine, but is not keen on me trying any progesterone medication, my other consultant is happy for me to take a progesterone. Would love to hear from those ladies who have tried or are taking Ventlafaxine. Does it help? Can anyone suggest any other medication which has help improve the hot flushes? I am really in need of a good nights sleep, never get it as I am switching my bed side fan on and off all night. I recorded how many hot flushes I have in a day and between 8 am and 10 pm it was about 28. Oh, I have tried loads of homeopathic remedies, done worked, hence turning to medication now. Thanks Boo

Clonidine is currently working for me, been using it for two months. Hope you find something that works for you! X

Hi tina just taken my first clonidine hope they do the job its says i may feel drowsiness cant be a bad thing cud do with a gud nights sleep

Hi Boo,
my GP recommended Citralopram (an anti-depressant) which has helped with my hot flushes significantly.

My ONC said he didn’t want me to have any hormones racing round and I had to have my Progesterone implant removed.

HC x

I have been on tamoxifen for 6months and taking venlafaxine for about 3months. Still get hot flushes but not half as many and not so bad and have had no side effects so worked well for me x

I’d thought I’d try 1 gram of omega 3 fish oil capsules daily as I’d read somewhere that Japanese women don’t get them due to all the fish they eat. I don’t know if it’s my imagination or because of the colder weather, but after about a week, I’d noticed that the flushes aren’t so hot or as long lasting. I still get a few at night, but usually get 6 hours unbroken sleep. But they don’t bother me half as much. Just a thought - had you tried this??

Hi, all thanks for your comments. Well I took the Ventlaflaxine this morning and within half to an hour I was feeling very sick, then soon after was sick several times. Felt quite jittery too, got checked out by GP, who has advised me to not take it again. The sad thing is I have not had a single hot flush in 5 hours, which is very unusual for me. Still feel quite drowsy, don’t think I will drive today, and hope this dam drug is out my system by tomorrow. Will be asking to try some other drugs, but will give it a week or so, I think. Boo

Hi Steph10, Thanks for the fish oil suggestion, I already take this, have always taken fish oil, even before breast cancer days. It might be helping me, but the flushes are pretty bad. I think because I am on Zoladex and tamoxifen together does not help and I am only 31, I think my body is wondering what the hell is going on. Thank you for the suggestion, would try anything like this. Boo

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I take Venlafaxine and it certainly has helped with the flushes but I still get them…sweat like anything if I so much as move!

Ive been suffering hot flushes have now started evening primerose caps 1 aday been 4 days flushes have stopped wish i done this ages ago jane

Hi Ladies

I am now trying Clonidine for the hot flushes. Those who are on this or have tried this, can you tell me how long you took it and at what dose before you knew it was going to work for you? I know the leaflet says 2-4 weeks, but I really don’t want to waste time take this if it is not going to work. I am really struggling to sleep due to the hot flushes and it is really taking it toll, all those months on. The Venlafaxine I took a couple of weeks ago, although I was sick within a hour of taking it and felt dreadful all day until it wore off, I had no flushes that day. If the Clonidine does not work, then I am tempted to try a half dose of the Venlafaxine, or maybe Amitriptyline.


I was told by my consultant that the Clonidine was a waste of time and would not probably work. She suggested Primrose Oil which has not worked either, so I getting hot flushes nearly every two hours during the night and then having to go to work really tired. Sorry can’t suggest anything else. Would love to free of these symptoms and return to a near normal life…

Hi Glossy, I totally sympathise. I get hot flushes anything between 1 and 3 an hour, day and night. I am really getting to the end of my tether. I have not had a nights sleep in 6 months. I have a 3 year old, and work part time. Getting back to ‘normal’ is so important for my mental state, but I just feel this hot flushes really are trying all my efforts to get on with my life. I tried Venlafaxine, which completly stopped my flushes for 10 hours, but I was sick on taking them and felt drugged all day. Am trying the Clonidine, think I have a dry mouth so far, felt a little un steady if I move suddenly. Think I might have had a slightly less hot flushes, but I am still getting that feeling you get with a hot flush, like you are trapped and heart rate goes up but the heat is less intense. Still feels dreadful. How long should you give Clonidine a go for, anyone???

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