Reminder! Flu Vaccine Season

Hi everyone,
Just a thought as my sister rang me last night to suggest I ring my Doctors and get an appointment to receive the flu vaccine - I’d not even thought about this. I’ve never been considered as “vulnerable” and eligible for the flu vaccine having been in good health up until now. Yet, I have just been diagnosed with early breast cancer, had a mastectomy three weeks ago and am due to start a course of radiotherapy (25 days worth) from Monday 19th November. The Doctors are fitting me in today to have the jab as I am deemed eligible and it is safe for me to have it at the present time.
Thought it would be good to remind everyone that you may wish to look into having the flu vaccine too if you are about to start/currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Obviously, there are rules around it and it may not be an option for everyone but it may be worth you asking the question to your medical professionals just to be on the safe side if you fancy it. We all have enough to deal with and the last thing we want now is to be laid up in bed for a week or so feeling miserable!

All the best with your treatments,
Sunshine Lollipops x

Thanks for the reminder Sunshine. For those in active treatment, it should be free through the NHS. Call your gp, if you want to know more, and right away, 'cause it takes a few weeks to start working.

Had mine yesterday, free, so guessing that the 5 year free prescription period also includes flu jabs xxx