I wonder if anyone in the know could advise me whether I would be able to remortgage as I was diagnosed with BC 4 1/2 years ago.  I have a joint mortgage with my husband and it is reasonably small in comparison to the value of our property.  Would a mortgage provider entertain us once I advised of my diagnosis?  I am very reluctant to advise my current provider in case they put pressure on us to pay the mortgage up, just in case.  If anyone has any personal experience of this I would love to hear from them, or if someone works for a bank or other mortgage provider and knows about this I would likewise be interested to hear. Thanks.  Sunnyday x


I have been approved for a mortgage since my diagnosis. I wasn’t asked any questions about health. I was asked about taking out life insurance to cover the mortgage, but I already had enough cover anyway so it didn’t become an issue.

Hi Sunnyday


I remortgaged late last year just as I was finishing rads. There were no health related questions that I can recall, just the usual financial ones. I remortgaged with Scottish Widows through a broker.



Hi Sunnyday,

My husband is an independent mortgage adviser and can confirm that having cancer will not stop you getting a mortgage.  Mortgage applications are only based on income and credit ratings, not health ratings. The only area your health affects would be any future mortgage life insurance.  

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