Removal of implant

Has anyone had the removal of an implant as part of their breast reconstruction?


I had the LD flap 3 years ago on the left side and I cannot get used to how the implant feels. It is not uncomfortable, doesn’t hurt, but feels more ‘stuck on’ my chest and I am always aware that it is there.


I have done all the exercises recommended to try and loosen it, I swim regularly, there is no capsulation problem, it hasn’t moved, but it is just me, I can’t get used to a foreign object being in my body. It feels odd compared to my natural right side (not to mention the huge scar!)


Am planning on speaking to PS in New Year, to see what could be done (not alot of spare fat) so don’t know what the options would be available, if the implant was removed.


Any thoughts or experiences to share?


Naz xxx