removal of ovary - need some answers please

Hi there, just jumped on this thread in the hope someone can answer me some questions.
I’ve just seen the surgeon and Im booked in for an op on 10th to remove the left ovary, laporoscopy. However, I’ve had one of these
and it went wrong so have told him this. He is going to go and have a look with a camera, if its save!? he is going to remove the ovary and if not he’s going to open me up. After which I am assuming they test it, if it’s “bad” he says he will have to open me up again, remove the other one and other things…lymph nodes in my stomach/chest.

Anyone had this? The tumour on my left ovary is small and he thinks this is a good sign.

Very worried.


Just to let you all know that I’m back from hospital. Both ovaries were removed and they were OK…! Phew. Sadly they could not do it with keyhole, so I’m a tad sore with a large gash - noth / south down my tum.

Thankfully home now with my wonderful man and taking it easy.


Glad things went wel for you Karen, put your feet up and get plenty of rest.

Take Care

Leslee x