Removal of remaining healthy breast. Anyone had this done?

Hi friends


i have had my right breast removed in 2013 with stage 3 breast cancer, and I really want my remaining healthy breast removed now as it feels alien to me now and I feel so odd. I have thought about it and I definitely do not want a reconstruction. I want to be completely flat.


My breast consultant is not in favour of removing a healthy breast. He sent me to see a psychiatrist who listened to me and challenged me and said I was on a long psychological journey of coming to terms with what has happened to my body.


Next week I go back to see the breast consultant again who I know will refuse to do it for me. They will do reconstructions no problem, but seem not keen to remove healthy breasts for women who don’t want reconstructions but who still need sorting out!


Anyone got any advice or experiences they can share? 


Blessings to all


IlsonLiz xx

Hi IlsonLiz

It seems unfair. It all depends on if you have surgeon who is sympathetic or not. So what if it’s healthy tissue. The issue is that it’s yours and you don’t want it. I’ve heard of people having healthy limbs amputated due to body dysmorphia and the breast isn’t a limb, it has no purpose especially if you’ve finished having or don’t want children.

I was diagnosed back in October. Had WLE with no clear margins so they wanted to operate again. I asked for bilateral mx and my surgeon said yes there and then as long as I saw a psychologist.I was quite taken aback as I thought I would have to fight.

I then had the op in April after chemo. I didn’t have recon either.

If I were you I wouldn’t give up. Keep asking and get a 2nd opinion. It’s your body and your wishes should count for something.

Good luck x

Hello there this is my very first post. I had stage 2 breast cancer in my left breast in late 2012. I had invasive lobular cancer and when I discussed having my other breast removed, the nurse I spoke to supported me and more or less said it was probably a good idea. So I had this done in April 2014. I am glad I did it although you can never be 100% sure it will never come back but it does relieve a bit of concern. And quite frankly I found it very awkard with one breast.

Hi llsonLiz,


Just wanted to wish you all the best I hope you get what you want.  That’s what it should be what YOU want - it’s your body and you have to live with it.  People who have never had to make choices like this just wouldn’t understand.  


I was diagnosed with lobular in 2010 and chose to have a double mastectomy, as opposed to a single one.  I too didn’t have reconstruction and although I of course would have preferred not to have had BC in the first place, I do not regret the choice I made.  I wear two prostheses and most people do not even know that I have had this operation, or that I have had BC for that matter - and that is how I like it.  I felt it would be more balanced to have no breasts rather than one, and would reduce my risk into the bargain.  I didn’t have to fight to get what I wanted - I was just told to think carefully about it - which I did.  It doesn’t seem fair to me if some people are allowed it and others not.  Hope all goes well for you in your quest.  


Sunny  Day x

Hi I had prophy mx of remaining breast. It took six months with a psychologist and then a wait for the surgery. I feel great now:) I just kept saying I couldn’t move on if this wasn’t done and that it was what I wanted right from the start. Also that I couldn’t face mammos ever again.
I never changed my mind in anything I said. For me, it was reducing risk of a new contralateral cancer and facing all these treatments again. My point was that if this first cancer has not/will not metastasize, then what about the chances of a new primary being more aggressive? etc.
Hope you get what you need, thinking of you

Hi Liz,


I also have requested a double mastectomy after having been treated with WLE, chemo and rads for invasive lobular cancer in my left breast. My op takes place on 3rd December this year and I have been very lucky that my surgical team have supported me all the way. I had actually requested a double mx around 7 years ago due to having a family history of BC plus having to undergo numerous biopsies and a lumpectomy because of suspicious mammos etc. At that point, the surgeon I saw told me I was more or less a time waster and that I was overreacting to my chances of developing cancer ( which was 1 in 4) So, I suppose, when I was diagnosed, it was already I my notes that a double mx would be my choice. However, they again managed to convince me that conventional WLE would be best for me. On completion of treatment, I realised what a mistake I’d made, so it was back to see my surgical team. I finished active treatment last year and because I had chemo, they decided to leave me at least a year before carrying out the op and I am having immediate DIEP reconstruction. They would have carried out the op earlier if I didn’t want reconstruction, so it seems a bit back to front from your experience!! Think because of all the above, they spared me the psychology or councillor route.


Anyway, I hope you get the support you need and stick in there till you get results you need to lead a full and happy life.


All the best! Ann x x