Removing my implant

I had a LD reconstruction in 2017 and was told at the time that I needed an implant too to match the other breast. At the time they didn’t think I’d need radiotherapy, but it transpired that I did.

The result is a wonky and increasingly uncomfortable breast. I can’t lie on my right side in bed, and certainly not on my stomach. It’s as hard as a brick and I get frequent shooting pain.

My instinct is to have it removed  but I feel like a princess to go back after all this time when I am otherwise fit and healthy and still able to run, cycle and swim, despite the discomfort. My life has been saved after all, and I can cope with the brick-boob as an unfortunate price to pay. My consultant is not the warmest of characters and I fear his reaction too!

Has anyone else had implants removed, and what would the alternatives be? The diep sounds a bit drastic to me, and I have a friend who had this done and has had the most horrific problems ever since.

You are NOT a princess, its about quality of life to which you have a right!

I am sorry I don’t know anything about implants or reconstruction.  I had a full mastectomy on the left side and opted for no reconstruction at all - just wasn’t for me.

Hopefully others will have experiences or thoughts to share.

But my last thought is - can you get an opinion from a different oncologist, if you don’t like the one you have?

@High2k  - I’ve just seen your message after ShielaJ replied. I agree with her, it sounds as if you need to speak to a different consultant. Could you have the implant replaced? It sounds as if you have capsular contracture (I think that’s what it’s called), and can be caused by radiotherapy. If it’s causing discomfort you should have a chat with someone to explore the options. I wish you all the best. Evie xx

Dear High 2K
I have also had LD reconstruction, almost 5 years ago, unfortunately its has been nothing but trouble for me, like you very uncomfortable most of the time. As for your consultant?? I think you deserve better, maybe a plastic surgeon ? you can always asked for a second opinion.

Wishing you lots of luck, feel sure you will make the right decision 

big hugs Tili :rainbow:

I had an immediate reconstruction with an expander immediately after bilateral surgery and wondered if others would recommend an implant in their ‘good’ breast as part of asymmetry surgery.