REN products - FAB!

REN products - FAB!

REN products - FAB! Hallo all,

I’ve been sent a lovely late xmas present by a friend.
It’s from the very hip REN range of products. ( you can find them on the net and order a brochure as well as check out their lovely products )
They specialise in “clean products” which are all made from natural sources and do not contain parabens,synthetic fragrances,petrochemicals and lots of other stuff with big names and numbers attatched.

Here’s the website -

I got the jojoba,grapeseed and shea butter body cream which is just lovely!!
It’s a brilliant range of stuff without all the crap added and just what you might be looking for when you’ve decided to stop using your old faithful’s after reading what they might contain.

Hope this helps. Njoy!


Thanks Pearly They look great; glad to see they don’t contain any animal ingredients either. I’m going to order some, thanks for the tip x