On monday I went for my usual oncology check up for blloods etc and feeling very upbeat as it was final chemo. My old oncologiest had retired (thank god because i had no faith in her) My new one examned my mastectomomy only to find it had returned (cancer) I am so mad an bewildered as this is the first time this area had been checked in over 4 months. Should my previous oncologiest have been checking it to check nothing was returning. My outlook now looks very bleak. I am going for an ultrasound tomorrow. I have triple negative is anyone in this position where do I go from here<<< Help very very disttressed

Hi Sue
Sorry to hear your news. I too, had a local recurrence and until I read the latest Amoena magazine, I wasn’t even aware that I should have have been checking along my scar line, for any new lumps. (I read this in the mag., ironically, whilst in the hospital after my new lump had been biopsied!)
My surgeon and oncologist had both examined me, in the two preceding months and not found anything - so don’t beat yourself up about when it was found. The good news is that it has been found and can now be dealt with.
Like you, I thought that my outlook would be bleak - but now, after having the new tumour removed, I am just hoping that they have got it all out this time.
My first tumour was HER-2+, but I am still awaiting the histology from my latest tumour. So our situations aren’t quite the same.
I just wanted to reassure you that it may not be as bad as you think and send you my very best wishes.

really cant give you any kind of advise or help…just hang in there and think of all of us gals rooting for you x

Hi Thanks for all your kind comments. You will not beleive what I am about to tell you re my last post.

As I said the onc examined me and sat me down and told me that the cancer had come back. I asked him if I was going to die and he said it is not looking good. He said the same to my Dad and told him he was 99.9 % sure that the cancer was back and he had been doing it for years blah blah blah. He booked me in for an ultrasound on Thursdayd (yesterday and sent me away with four antidepressent tablet to wait four days to know what my future was going to be. Yesterday I went for the ultrasound and guess what my so called cancer return was… the port in my implant where they expand it. What kind of onc does not recognise this. If he had asked me about this particlar lump I would have told him excatly what it was.

Hi Sue
That is fantastic news - I bet you are soooo relieved!
Obviously it’s totally unacceptable - the mental torture that you have been through in the meantime - but I am so happy for you.

Hi Sueg11

I am pleased to hear your good news, how you kept yourself from hitting the bloke I don’t know. How unprofessional to say what he did before confirmation. When my recurrence came, I felt the lump but the onc didn’t say anything other than we had better check it out. I knew it was the cancer reurning but at no time have I ever been told its bad news!!!

Onwards and upwards Sue