Repeat biopsy after conflicting US and biopsy

This is my first post but have taken some brilliant advice whilst awaiting biopsy results. I am 38 and found a lump in my left breast 3 weeks ago. i received my results today and am unsure whether to allow myself to feel positive?
I have two fibrous lumps in my left breast. The US result was U4 and my Mammogram was M4. The biopsy was B2. The consultant said they’re pretty sure the lumps are benign from the biopsy result but conflict with the US so they want to repeat the biopsy as they have very suspicious features.
Wondering if anyone else has been recalled for similar? I spoke to the helpline who kindly suggested speaking to my breast nurse again (which I’ve since done) and she explained my results to me. I have been told the repeat biopsy will be done by a consultant radiologist this time and markers put in the lumps so not sure what to take from it?
Dare I be positive after Id prepared myself for a negative outcome? Any advice or shared experience would be great. Many thanks Kay xx

Hi Kay,there have been a few ladies I have spoken to on here that have had a bit of a roller coaster ride when it comes to getting diagnosed .If they do not get enough cells from the biopsy they can sometimes get an unclear result.They put markers in so if the lumps need to bd removed the surgeon can find them easily .I hope your next biopsy brings you some clear answers .Good luck.Jill.

Hi Kay, sorry you have the uncertainty hanging over you still, as Jill says there are a few ladies who have to go through the mill to get a definite result but if there is any doubt then they have to re check, there is one lady called Claire who I’m sure had to have several biopsys, I will look her up to find her forum name for you Xx 

Thanks for the reply Jill. It has felt like a roller coaster as when my consultant saw the US results he did say the looked very suspicious and introduced me to the breast care nurse. At this point, I prepared myself for the worst and took 10 days to have an appointment to be told I need another biopsy next week. It felt to me that they didn’t believe the biopsy result which is why they want the consultant radiologist to do it next time but had to tell me the results of this one were clear. Will keep you updated after the next biopsy on Thursday xxx

There are pretty skilled at knowing what they are looking at but they told there are always results that surprise them.Mine was the other way round radiologist didn’t think it was cancer he was looking at but biopsy showed it was.

Thanks for the reply Jobey that would be really helpful if Claire has had a similar experience. It’s definitely the uncertainty that is the hardest bit. Ive only told my husband and a close friend who were both celebrating my clear result and I have said Im happy (which I am) but frightened to be too happy in case I let my guard down and the next one is a negative result. Trying to focus on the clear result for now as another possibility of 2 week wait is a little hard to bear xxx

Claire is Cs66 if you post on the just diagnosed and wanting to talk thread she is sometimes on there.Everyone is different though .

Thanks Jill will have a look for Claire and see if she has any advice to share on the runaround with diagnosis. We’ve organised an Easter egg hunt for the kids on the estate today and its kept my mind occupied and keep fighting back the tears terrified I may not be well enough in future. My anxiety levels are higher this time round than they were the first biopsy just can’t shake it but trying my best to hide it from my 6yr old. My 18 yr old knows now and he took it really well. He overheard a conversation with hubby and I but played up the positive biopsy result telling him they’re making sure even tho I get the feeling they think the biopsy result was wrong and are expecting to confirm their suspicions next time xx