replacing becker implant with permanent one - scar line???

Hi just wondered if anyone could tell me how PS replaces temporary implant for permanent one. I wondered if PS will open up the original scar or insert it lower down as original scar is healing quite well - but is visible - so if surgeon opens the same one up again it will be more visible.

Also although my scar line is healing well - the line is still clear to see - thin pink line now after three months post surgery… does it ever disappear entirely??

Thanks in advance


Hi Bright,

I’m due to have my implants replaced just after Easter and had my pre-op assessment yesterday. The surgeon said he would reopen the original scar - don’t know if this is standard practice or up to individual surgeon/patient, so definately worth you asking your surgeon.

I had my original surgery in May 2008 so the scars are as healed as they ever will be I guess but still quite clear white lines. I had bilateral mastectomy and the two scars are different - one almost horizontal and straight across the middle of breast, the other runs more diagonally and in a jagged line. I guess there were two surgeons working on me - one a bit neater then the other!

Have you tried Bio Oil? Massaging this into the scar daily for a few months is supposed to help.

Have you been given a date for you replacement op? I was originally told 3-6 months after mastectomy then kept being fobbed off so it will be 11 months for me now. Still I’m hopeful the result will be more comfortable and perhaps improved in appearance - no harm dreaming…

Best Wishes

Hi Misha,

Sorry for delay in replying. My scar is still pink though fading - seems strange they open up the same wound again as it is in such a prominant place - so I will ask on Monday when I have surgery planning meeting. I think replacement is due to take place in September as there is a three month wait - and I will be over rads by then which are scheduled for late June.

Thanks for bio oil trip - not tried it - though have been using a silicon based scar cream from the US called scarzone which is quite good.

Good luck with your surgery.

Bright x

Hi THere - good luck for your op - I’m waiting for my expander implant to the right to be taken out and a permanent one put in plus an uplift (no implant) to the left side to even things out a bit - my surgeon has said that she will openup the same scar - clean it up and then close it again.

I too am hoping that I’l be comfortable again. I’v never really had comfort since my original reconstruction 12 months ago and will be glad to finally get this last op (hopefully) out of the way and move forward - I’m 4 years in August post diagnosis and am beginning to feel like I’l never be free from the dreaded disease and its implications - let us know how you get on
Clemy x

Hi all,

I haven’t posted for a really, really long time but just wanted to say that I had final op three weeks ago to replace tissue expander and even out otherside (implant). I have to be honest and say Woohoo!!! they look tremendous, o.k, some scarring…but overall (and you are all going to think I am mad!) I think they look better than they did before. The irony is I never in a million years would have had a “boob job” as I was always happy with my small but perfectly formed pair. My boobs are both fairly even, one nipple is slightly lower than the other and my “healthy” boob is possibly a little fuller as I obviously retained breast tissue but I could not be happier if Michael Angelo had sculpted them himself!!! Oh and major bonus…they’ll never go south!. I can’t thank the team at Frenchay enough for their unwavering support over the last year (dx 21/04/08) and I hope and pray that this is now the end of it and my boobs and I can live happily ever after. Hope everyone gets as good a result as I have and best of luck for the future!
Hugs Leelee x


Thanks for this positive news - and glad you are pleased with your reconstruction. Just wondered if the shape of your breast changed when tissue expander was exchanged. At the moment I have a shape with expander but it is not tear-shaped more like a mound. Also notice that if I lie on expander the skin retain imprint of what I’ve been lying on for a while - did this happen with you, and has it gone now. Also when you had expander replaced - did they do the nipple reconstrction at the same time?

Bright x

Hi Bright!
Yes, definately have more of a natural breast shape since the expander has been changed but it will never look as good as implants with breast tissue still intact but its a close second!. I was fortunate to have kept my own nipple with the help of a brutal procedure called mammotone biopsy. The Surgeon however thought he could acheive a better position and so tweeked it a bit in surgery…honestly I think it would have looked better if he had left it alone as I now think it’s a bit in the high side! lol. Can’t say I have noticed many imprint marks before or after to be honest so I’m afraid I can’t help with that. Surgeon did re-open original scar and on the ‘healthy’ side, just went in underneath like a regular boob-job. Hope this helps a bit. When will you be having permanent implant?
hugs Leelee

Thanks Leelee

I am scheduled to have my reconstructive surgery - removal of expander etc - sometime in September. Your experience sounds very encouraging.

Bright x