Reply to post in Announcements section by Helen BCC re Latest Posts

I see a link to latest posts has been added on the front page ( above the coloured boxes). Helen BCC has made a reference to it in the Announcements section of this forum and requested feedback so here’s mine:

It’s a start but it comes nowhere near what most of us are asking for because it only shows 5 thread updates, meaning that unless we are looking at it all the time loads of posts will disappear unseen by anyone other than those who only have one or two sections they ever look at on the board.

Would it not be possible to be like other forums and have a grid with all forum titles and latest posts listed? A link to this grid could be posted above the coloured boxes as before. If you did this then you could save space by
dispensing with the latest post sections under each coloured box category which also are of little use anyway.

Hi Jenifer

Thank you for your post, I will pass it onto Helen.

Best wishes

June, moderator

 I don’t use this site much now but when I do I usually pop on to latest posts which i did a few days ago and saw the new, new latest posts, well 5 threads lol. I remember the old, old forum where you could go to latest posts and see each new post for each thread, no duplicate threads one after the other, JUST the latest post for each thread. It was all very clear and simple :womanhappy: 

Helloi havn’t been on here for ages but the problem with latest post still seems to exist ie you see all the latest posts rather than just the most recent one on the front page.  you used to be able to see the latest post on a topic then go to the topic and scroll back through all the recent posts - thus taking up less space.  it is very easy to get lost amongst the most recent hot topic and a fairly recent post gets pushed down the page just because there havn’t been many comments.  This must be hard for new people as their post can quickly slip down several pages and just get lost ; (

I’m surprised BCC havn’t fixed this yet what is going on?


Dear All

We are listening and sorry if we are not responding as promptly as you wish. We are in contact with our developers and discussing the possibility and functionality of how to provide easy access to latest posts. This consideration is one of many tasks that we are working on, however simple a task may appear that is unfortunately rarely the case and invariably they all take longer than we would either hope or like. We are taking your views seriously and we are hopeful that an affordable solution can be found.

Best wishes


Forum Coordinator