Results after DCIS surgery.....

Hi Everyone
After a 3 week wait I went for my results yesterday. I had high grade DCIS diagnosed in May then surgery. WLE on right breast with immediate recon to both sides. I’ve been fine throughout and not let it phase me. I tend to take things one step at a time. But yesterday I was soooooo nervous and was kept waiting for 45 mins, I made up alsorts of scenarios about what could be wrong that would make me last in the queue! Anyway…I GOT THE ALL CLEAR!!! No cancer!! Pheewwww!
I just need to have rads now…5 weeks…but not for another 4 weeks until my wounds are fully healed. I saw the Rad Onc as she was in clinic at the time, and she asked me if I would be prepared to take part in a trial that gives an extra 8 zaps of radiotherapy on top of the 5 weeks to see if it improves the chances of the DCIS coming back either as DCIS or as Invasive cancer. Has anyone got any experience of this or is it completely new?
I am also interested to know whether generally ladies have rads whilst working or do you remain ‘off sick’ from work whilst undergoing rads? My BCN says it is an individual preference but will support me whichever way. I have heard that it makes you sore and very tired. What do you think?
Love to all here
JF x

Congratulations you must be over the moon! It’s so nice to hear good news, I have no real advice other than I am about to start radiotherapy for IDC and have chosen to remain off work and have been since diagnosis in April but I am lucky to work for the nhs and am on full pay for six months. As it’s a daily treatment I can imagine that backwards and forwards to the hospital and working may prove to be extremely tiring although it’s said that the tiredness takes a couple of weeks to make itself apparent I believe that your good health comes first, you can never tell how it will affect you as an individual some I hear seem to sail through it others don’t think carefully before you commit to returning but it all depends on your financial situation hope this helps and good luck with the rads :slight_smile:

Thank you Looby. I work in education (adult) and entitled to 4 months off at full pay. I have only been off for 3 weeks so far so after my results yesterday was left scratching my head about returning. My wounds still need to heal for about another 4 weeks. However one of the BC nurses said to me ’ just remember, once you go back to work, to them you are better’! We know that its not that simple so tempted to remain off whilst having rads. Having said that HR did say that I would have phased return in conjunction with Occ Health. Decisions …decisions.

Thanks for reading. Best of luck with your rads. Take care
JF x

ThatsThat’s a wonderful news JF!
i had my WLE for DCIS on Friday and get my results next weds. In the meantime I had another op on Monday to remove a haematoma. Things are healing nicely and the nurse has just been to remove my drain.

Good luck with your rads and take all the time off you need. You may have the all clear but you are still in treatment. Take care
amanda x

Good for you - great to have some good news. Go on and stay off work, after all work will still be there when you have finished treatment, and this is one genuine reason for you to stay off.

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I agree with ’ just remember, once you go back to work, to them you are better’! I worked right up to Half term (teacher in a primary school) and had my op the week after half term. Unfortunately I need another op so my treatment plan will be delayed and it is looking like chemo/rads(not sure if I am having both yet) will not start until around end of August. I have decided I am not going back during any of it. I have never been someone who takes sick days but this is life changing, once it is all over I don’t ever expect to feel like I did before and I am putting me first now (what a new idea that is). While physically I feel great, emotionally I am fragile and my mind seems to be like jelly now- I can’t concentrate on anything for long.
Good luck with the RADS,

Sam xx

Dear Jasmineflowes (wonderful name by the way!),
Ditto all of the above replies. I’m still at work and have not had any time off as yet (diagnosed March). This has been a personal decision as I felt better occupied at this stage. Taking time for me is new - never off sick but have given my manager a date now for my intention to go sick in a fortnight. This will be aproximately a week before my radiotherapy. Manager has been wonderful and people actually queried my choice to remain at work. All I can say is that I would have been detained under the mental health act had I not remained busy, but that really is just the very peculiar part of me I really hope changes now!
I worry that radiotherpay will leave me fatigued and with two young children any energy has to be for them and my recovery now. I know that once I’m back at work, I’m back and people will expect it to be business as usual looking at others expereinces.
Take care all.


Hi All

Thank you to everyone for your replies. I feel like most of you. the most time I have ever had off work has been about 3 months for maternity in 1988. I suppose up to now I have been lucky health wisshoji now that this has hit I shouldn’t be feeling guilty

Deborah…have you had surgery and how did you carry on working if you did? I’m exhausted just reading your post lol!

My thoughts with everyone in our situation. Take care
JF x

Hi JF,
My surgery dates were very fortunate as they fell on days off and before a weekend and it was day surgery. The SNB was the one that took the most recovery and had recon immediately after WLE. I was just very lucky and have a managerial nursing role now so stopped working the shifts I did and was fully office based as a compromise.
1 week left at work. Have to be honnest - I’m feeling it now plus have a small, but stubborn, infection on underside of boob. Had planning meeting today and rads start 15th July so will have full week off before they start to bank some energy (although I have sneaky little paint job in the hall and lounge to keep me going ). I will not be going back until I feel ready after the rads and am very fortuante to have wonderful staff whom I know will cope and take excellent care of our mothers as well as a very supportive boss. Feel very blessed having read about how hard it has been with some of our peers work wise.
Take care