Results after first post op mammogram

I have just had my first post op mammogram and have been told I need another biopsy as some of the calcifications appear to have moved? Possible they could be a new DCIS. It is in the area of the original DCIS, which has been successfully removed and is no longer showing on mammogram. Has anyone else been recalled after their first mammogram for similar concerns. My consultant thinks it is probably old calcifications, which have moved post op, but wants to be sure. Mor anxious waiting…

Good luck Jas,fingers crossed they put your mind at rest soon.

Sorry to hear this Jas…did you have biopsy and results yet? I have my first post op mammogram this week and i am feeling anxious. It has brought all tjose initial feelings back!

I had my first post op mammogram today and before the radiographer started she said she just wanted to warn me that it is not uncommon for people to be called back after first mammo as it is difficult to compare images as these are the 1st post op ones. I am still slightly anxious and obviously hoping all is well but thought this might be useful for you to know Jas xx

Got recalled this morning. Calcifications in my breast. Biopsies next thursday then 2 week wait. Shocked and a feeling its all dejavu!

Calcifications can be benign ,they are just playing safe ,but not a place you want to go to again is it !!!

Sorry Ali from one in the same place. I get my biopsy results Tuesday. I have one new area which had appeared since WLE. Consultant thinks it maybe old calcifications which have moved when tissue rearranged during op but we wait to see…best wishes x

Thank you Jas, Optimissy and Jill. I just get the feeling thst they think they might be something. Jas did you have your biopsy using the mammogram machine? Thats what i am having this time whereas last time i had them by ultrasound. I am ok tonight after initial shock today. Just got to get on with it. Praying for good results on tuesday yes and thinking of you while you wait. Please let us know how you get on xxx

All of my biopsies have been needle biopsies? Must say this one was much less painful than previously. Different hospital. Still wavering about what to do whatever the results ?

Hi Ali,I had biopsy using mammogram machine - core biopsy .They take a number of samples from the suspect area using a kind of " hole punch " machine .Its guided by the mammogram they are looking at.Boob gets local anaesthetic and then squished in mammogram machine .Its uncomfortable but not painful.

Jas,what choices do you have to make ?

I think our minds just go into overdrive Jas! I am thinking why bother with biopsies, just give me a masectomy. I dont want all this testing amd waiting again. But then there is the chance it could be nothing. We just have to wait and that is the hard part. Think8ng of you Jas!

As Ali said whether to just have a mastectomy and get it over with rather than endless recalls, biopsies, waiting for results etc year after year ?

Yes I can totally understand where you are coming from on that one !!! Will they give you mastectomy though for those reasons ?I think you have to go through counselling before they will remove a healthy boob.

I know Jill i think its a protection thing. If i do have more DCIS i know i cant have radiotherapy as i have already had it just 7 months ago! So masectomy would be the only option i think. Jumping ahead of myself I know. My other worry is that i go 9n holiday with my familyv4 days after the biopsies but i am wondering will I be ok to fly and then swim when I am there.

Not sure why you wouldn’t be ok? Biopsies heal very quick. I took my plaster off after 2 days and have minimal bruising. Good luck ?

Will be thinking of you tomorrow Jas and praying for good results. Good luck xx

Good luck Jas.Ali I think they may advise you not to swim due to infection risk after the biopsy - you will have to ask advice .

I asked Jill and the nurse said she will give me some sealed waterproof dressings to put on. Will check again on Thursday before they do it. Thanks Jill xx

That’s good .