results after mx or lumpectomy

How long after having either an mx or lympectomy do you get the histology results from pathology?

Usually 2 weeks after surgery or that is when I got my results

Yes my results for both lumpectomy and mx were 2 weekend later

Hi,I had a lumpectomy on Monday the 17th april ,I was back at the clinic on Wednesday the 26th for results.take care meggy x

Thank you. another question(I seem to have loads) How soon after a lumpectomy do rads start?


Sam, when I was looking at having a lumpectomy, I was told that it would be at least 4 weeks after surgery before going to oncology but the healing of the wound would determine the start of treatment. Your breast cancer nurse might be able to give you further advise on this

thanks, I go back next week so can ask then. I am worried I will have to cancel two holidays I haved booked for July and August. OH keeps saying what is more important but I love my holidays.

Usually radiotherapy is every day for so many weeks, so it will depend on when you start your treatment. If the holidays are in the uk, I would still go on them, as long as the oncology and your consultant say it is ok. If abroad, you might need to check your insurance details

Both are abroard, Turkey and Portugal. The portugal one is for a friends wedding. Will be gutted if I have to miss it. Moaned to OH yesterday that there would be no point going if I cant sit in the sun. This was followed by a lecture from him -sitting in the sun is not important, blah blah blah. Then of course I got the hump about it all, emotions had been bubbling away all day under the surface and fuelled by a few glasses of wine.

I am sorry to hear that it is your friends wedding, speak to your breast cancer nurse and seek her advise. Don’t worry about your emotions and you are just trying to keep your life as normal as possible. I had to cancel a holiday to Spain, which would have been this weekend and move a holiday to centre parcs until later in the year. Remember that sit is an upsetting time but your OH is right to, you are the most important person and you being well is all he wants. I have tried to keep my emotions under control but then something silly will have me ranting, usually at third parties, they must think I am a nutter lol x

hi lucyloo,
In our current condition I am sure are allowed to be nutters! currently enjoying the sun in my garden as I spent two hours weeding earlier, mormality, I love it.

Sam xx

yes we are allowed to be nutters, the weather has been great this weekend and I even wore a sun dress and later shorts and a vest top!!! Might as well make the most of this weather while it is here. I did my gardening yesterday, so today has been a chill day before, I go back in hospital tomorrow to remove the rest of my lymph nodes xx

Hope all went well yesterday with the op. think we have to wait again for some sunshine. summer dress for work yesterday, trousers today. xx