Results are in

Results are in

Results are in Hi Guys

Had my results - margin was borderline so have to go in and have a bit more removed. One lymph involved so chances are I will have chemo. Feeling really down… Hugs from Yingy xxx

Me too Hi Yingy

Sorry to hear your results weren’t as you hoped I had the same result as you on Monday so I too have been feeling down. I have to go back in on 5 July and have more armpit nodes removed and another layer of breast tissue taken.

Unfortunatley I have been told I will have chemo but that’s just in my case and also due to my age as I’m only 33. Don’t know how old you are and your other results but you will hopefully be lucky so I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. Each woman’s case can be similar but treated differently, so just because I’m going to get chemo doesn’t mean you will necessarily have to. Just be guided by your doctors, take their advice and ask lots of questions till you are satisfied. I certainly did! Shy bairns get no cakey!

I’m trying to look at it from the angle that it’s just an extra stage in the process, a slight detour from the original plan.

I also have one node at the moment but they obviously want to check the others.

Maybes we can help each other out with this. I feel disappointed and also frustrated but still feel positive. My lump was grade 2, but I’m just so glad that by accidentally feeling something in the shower I found it in time.

We will get through this together along with all the others, think girl power rules! You have support from everyone on this forum.

My friends made me a couple of happy cd’s to pick me up when I feel down. I’ll play them and sing along and dance around and think sod this cancer I’m going to beat it. Stick on your favourite cd and sing at the top of your voice. Sing loud and proud you aren’t going to let cancer spoil your fun. Glass of red wine whilst doing this will also assist!

Big hug on it’s way and I’m here to help you. Keep on talking.

GS :slight_smile:

Hi yingy Sorry that you have to have further surgery and possibly face having chemo.
I can understand how you are feeling and its quite normal the whole BC thing is an journey of emotional ups and downs.

take care

Hi Yingy Hi Yingy,

how you feeling? I know where you’re at re; lymph node involvement. I had total axillary clearance when I had my mastectomy and turns out I had 25/28 nodes involved. I was told beforehand that I would be having chemo regardless 'cause of my age and it turns out that i had to anyway due to the +nodes. Have now started chemo, 2 down 10 to go, not that I’m counting!!

I hope all goes well when you go back in to have a bit more removed. Please be sure to let us know how you get on. Do you have a date yet?

Take care and keep us posted,


Hi Ginger its Yingy My lump was found on my normal 3 year mamo (Im 60 going on 40 by the way) !! so I was lucky as they couldn’et even feel it. It was 12mm Grade 2. When I had my wide excision he took 5 lymphs but only one of them is involved but that’s all it takes doesn’t it. I am going in on Tuesday to have more tissue taken but no more lymphs and then wait the result. Then I go and see the radio man to discuss treatment which I am sure will be chemo. Did they mention to you anything about vascular invasion - I am assuming this is the vein from the breast to the arm pit. I will try and cheer up but still a bit raw. Thanks Ginger for your support. HUgs xxxx Yingy