results are in.....

Hey my lovelys, after 9 days of waiting and worrying i got told today my biopsy was not cancer, the doctor said it was Radial Scar,hardened breast tissue and ducts, im still reading up on it myself. im to have a small operation but im feeling very lucky. Thank you all for yr kind words over last few days, Bless you all. Big hugs xxx

Thats great news :slight_smile:

Yipedee DOO DAH! Yipedee DAY! So pleased for you Scanners, and thank you for posting your good news. It makes a lovely change. I hope you celebrate in style! x

Really really happy for you :slight_smile: xx

pleased you have a good result x x

wonderful,does us all good to hear good news.x

Yippeeeeeeeeeeee scanners !! brilliant news, take care xx