Results are in

Good news following my skin saving mastectomy and node clearance pathology results confirm no cancer in any of 15 nodes removed or in the breast tissue. So altogether 18 noses removed and only the 1 removed following initial SNB and lumpectomy had cancer. I am now being referred to Oncology.
I am on antibiotics as I may have an infection re implant had fluid drained off and have red area on boob. Back for results Monday and hoping it is just a fluid build up following removal of drain. Very happy though with results would celebrate with prosecco but better not given the antibiotics . Lou x

Great news Lou! Pity about the Prosecco ?? Xx 

Mine too, bad news here though ?

I am reliably informed by my friend who is a Pharmacist that I can have a drink with the antibiotics that have been prescribed. That said I feel tired tonight emotional exhaustion I think so I may save my celebratory drink for another day. Lou x

Sorry to hear that OAD what results have you had? Lou x

Far worse than biopsy suggested, another cancer found.  Sorry can’t type any more at the moment, feeling physically sick x

So sorry. Let us all know once you feel up to it. Big hugs. Lou x

We are here when you feel up to talking love, many ladies here have had a similar experience and now nearing the end of treatment so always someone to share their experience with you Xx Jo

Thank you, I don’t really know much more as now waiting for more surgery and more results …

OAD did you have WLE that’s what I had first but I didn’t get clear margins so had the skin saving mastectomy. I am thinking of you. Lou x

Of course you can OAD x

I’m waiting for the results of my surgery OAD & I do think you worry that it won’t be what they originally thought. I didn’t see my surgeon after the op but another lady who had hers before me did & they were laughing & joking. So when I thought about it when I got home I thought maybe that’s because mine is bad news. I’m so sorry about whatever you’ve been told. If you want to share I’m sure we’ll be fine with it but that obviously has to be your choice. Anita xx

OAD I have sent you a test message see if you get that and you reply from there. Hope your ok. Lou x