Results at last

Hi All

Well at last had my letter from my onc, regarding my CT Scan from 3 weeks ago. He is pleased to report that there “continues to be a slow, but significant improvement in my secondary liver disease. The 2 reminaing small lesions continue to diminish in size”.

So this is really good news. My only concern is did the CT Scan do full body scan and does this mean that there is no further spread and that tumors in my breasts have also shrunk. Sure it was a full scan as had to drink the lovely orange stuff prior to scan, which I didn’t in December when just did my liver.

I know should be happy with wot he said, but need to know the ansas to my worrys if you understand that.


Great news Dawn - you must be pleased!


Hi Dawn

So relieved for you - am sure from what you’ve said that it WAS a full scan (though can see why you want to check that out). And to continue to have shrinkage is brilliant!

Hope you are celebrating…

Kay x

Really pleased for you Dawn…that is good news.

I imagine you had a full thorax and abdomen CT. Why don’t you ask for a copy of the written report? I always get one after a CT so I can check exactly what has been said and know that my onc isn’t missing anything out!

very best wishes


Glad to hear that you have had good results, but understand that you still have questions. I would contact the oncologist again and ask the questions.

hi Dawn
glad its good news when I have a scan it usually is abdomen and I always ask for written report.

Love Debsxxx

Oh Dawn that is great news. So pleased it is going in the right direction.
I agree with others - you need to put your mind at rest. Give the onc’s secretary a ring and they will probably call you for a chat about it.
Super-big hug. Well done gal!
lots of love

Really pleased for you. I would get back in contact with your onc just to check that the CT did cover your breasts and what they are up to otherwise you would just worry. I always try to read my CT report or get a copy of it but I know some people do not always want to know all the details.
Really happy for you


Faanstastic…thats really great. I am pleased for you.


hi Dawn
I’m glad you have got your results at last I know how worried you were about them.
But thats brilliant that it shows an improvement but I know what you mean about not being convinced that it is really good news.
I always ask my GP to look up the scan results for me and he checks it. I have to see him monthly to have my Zoladex jabs,

love Caroline

great news dawn , really pleased for you that herceptin is a wonder drug! xx

Just caught up with this - what wonderful news!!! I am so very pleased for you. Hope you’ve had a lovely relaxed weekend with that good news.
love from Tracey xx


I haven’t been around recently but just saw this post and just wanted to say brilliant news and sending you an huge hug. Keep up the good work

Beli x

thtas fantastic news - you are going in the right direction


So, so pleased for you - what great news - hope Miss Piggy and Kermit are keeping you busy!


Sally xx