Results Day today - in hospital with infection

Hello lovely ladies

I had a unilateral mastectomy with immediate implant reconstruction (because have had a PE in the past and take bloodthinners so my BS wants to minimise surgery risks) two weeks ago. Drain came out a week later (last Tuesday) and all looked ok. Unfortunately on Saturday night I noticed my boob was starting to look pink and feel hot so I called 111 and saw the out of hours doc an hour later who sent me straight to A&E saying I needed IV antibiotics as I had an infection. Fast forward to today and I am still here with cellulitis praying that the antibiotics are working enough to be able to avoid my BS having to operate to remove the implant.
Today is also my surgery histology results appointment day which was supposed to be at 9.30 this morning as an outpatient obviously! :-/ However, my BS and BCN are going to come to my bedside and do it here. I have to wait all day as they can only come once clinic appointments are done as BS has to have BCN with her (protocol) so will see them about 5.30/6 I think. It is really hard to distract myself from it all because firstly I am extremely conscious of my boob because of the pain and secondly I am in hospital so I can’t do the things I had planned to do to distract myself from scary thoughts. Also the fact my appointment is now at the end of the day means I have longer to have to try to not get in a state. I’m on three antibiotics and alternating between orimorph and tramadol so feeling rough.
I would be very grateful for any suggestions or messages of support. Not easy being in here at any time but especially not for my results…
Sending gentle hugs to you all xxxx

Oh Alicat, you poor thing!  It’s going to feel like a long day - especially as days start so early in hospital don’t they?  But be assured when BS and BCN turn up, whatever the news, they will have a plan.  I’m imagining them bursting on to the ward like Batman and Robin!  Sincerely hoping they have only good news for you. You know they’ll be people here rooting for you - checking the posts to see how your day panned out.  

Hi Ali

Just wanted to say best wishes for your results today and sending a gentle hug back.

Sue xx

Hi Alicat
Sorry to hear you had to go back to hospital with infection and hope the antibiotics do their job.
I too am getting surgery histology results today, late this afternoon. I’m terrified. Surgery wasn’t as planned because my lymph nodes were thought to be clear. They weren’t and so I had ANC. So now expecting chemo and scans to check for spread. Hate this disease.
Good luck for today x

I have infection too. They are using PICO Dressing hoping and praying can save boob. …my results next Thursday. …how are you x

Thank you all so much for your replies.
I am now home as of yesterday afternoon. After 7 days my surgeon looks to have saved my implant!
However, my histology results were not good. Basically the original tumour was not 2.5cm but 3.3 and another 5.5cm area of precancerous cells was found. The lymph node biopsy is positive. So I have to go back for axillary node clearance as soon as infection has completely cleared up (2-3 weeks?), then chemo, then radiotherapy, then rest of reconstructive surgery. And my boyfriend announced when he came to visit me on Thursday evening that he would be “unavailable” this weekend because he needs to get away as it’s been difficult for him. Ha. He hasn’t been in touch since. Not even a text. :-((((

Millie, how are you getting on? Infection under control yet? I hope so!! So scary isn’t it? Hugs! Xx

Carole, how were your results?? That must have been a shock for you having an unplanned ANC! :open_mouth: How are you feeling now? I really hope you aren’t too sore and that your results were good and have maybe given you a lift?? Hugs! Xx

PS Millie what is PICO dressing? Has it worked??
My surgeon treated my infection with IV antibiotics cos the wound itself is ok. I had cellulitis so they were worried about sepsis and necrosis as well. :open_mouth: Feel so grateful to my surgeon as when I was admitted on Saturday night the ward team didn’t tell her and she only got informed on Monday morning. She wasn’t happy especially as they had me on inadequate antibiotics and my infection has actually got worse! Fortunately the nursing staff were amazing otherwise and they put me in my own room too but I am so glad to be home.
Can’t believe I only have 2-3 weeks til more surgery now and I’m gonna have to find a wig and get my hair cut. Noooooo!! :-((((

Sue thank you for the hug! So sorry to hear you also had to experience a man deserting you when you needed him most. Pffff! We are better off without them, we really are. Who does that?! :open_mouth: Still haven’t heard from mine since Thursday pm hospital visit. WOW. Hope you are over yours. Xxxx

Carole, oh no I’m so sorry to hear this. I can very much relate as my situation also seems to keep snowballing. Initially I thought I had one small tumour and needed a lumpectomy and radiotherapy. I have now had a mastectomy and now need an anc, chemotherapy and rads. :frowning: Next appt with BS on Friday and am already thinking will there be anything else??
When do you get your scan results? Is this standard before chemo? Are they looking for more of It elsewhere? :open_mouth:
ANC sounds painful and am not looking forward to it one bit. Still sore from mastectomy and lymph node biopsy and infection. What painkillers are you on?
I’m trying to stop with tramadol now and dis ok today just on paracetamol but boob still feels not normal at all: numb, pressure and sudden stabbing pains that shoot through it. Am telling myself I need to be patient as still early days.
How long were you in hospital for ANC? Xx

Hi Ali
Bone scan and ct scan are done based on the size of the lump and the grade. Mine was 45mm and grade 3 so I had both scans done as a precaution and were fine.
Time between surgery and chemo was 6 weeks, which I thought was quite a while but oncologist said there was a 12 week window.
Hope this helps xx

Hi Alicat
I had my mx and reconstruction with ANC on Friday 12 May and came home on the Monday with drain in for ANC. At our hospital they have OSNA machine that diagnoses sentinel nodes during mx. Mine were cancerous so they removed all 11 (level 1and 2). Four were cancerous. They had said before surgery LNs were clear and wouldn’t have done reconstruction if they’d known of LN involvement. I had the drain removed a week after surgery although it was still discharging 100ml a day. The fluid has basically filled up my new boob space and it’s quite firm and uncomfortable. They say my body will find a new drainage route. Wish it would hurry up! The armpit wound is a bit painful and I do the exercises 3-5 times every day. I do have issues with arm soreness from nerve damage and get pains randomly under my arm. Hoping it all settles eventually. I just take paracetamol occasionally and never took anything stronger.
I’ve now had my bone scan and CT including head as I’ve had a lot of headaches. Very scared of results which I’ll probably get in about 10 days.
The pain is much more bearable than the anxiety. I just find I can’t do much and gave to rest a lot. Normally I’m on the go all the time and hate not being able to.
I only had to get my good arm behind my head for CT.