Results day tomorrow

I get my post operative results tomorrow and it can’t come soon enough.  


I am alarmed to read about those of you who have received unexpected results and are needing more treatment than was first indicated.  I wish you all the best and hope that you have lots of love and support to cope with everything to come on the rocky road to recovery.


I feel as if I am in some sort of twilight zone but getting the results will hopefully mean things can move forward at least. Time seems so weird since my diagnosis in July - it has gone super quickly and yet I seem to be anxiously waiting all the time. 


Best wishes and good luck everyone else x



im at the very start of my journey, diagnosis only confirmed today.  Im relieved to hear that things have moved quickly for you.  Don’t focus too much on others finding other issues following their Op, that won’t happen every time.


think positive and I’ll keep everything crossed for you x 

I also get my post op results tomorrow afternoon.  I’ll be thinking of you LadyMG.

Pecan and lady good luck to you both xx

Good luck to you and Pecan xxxx

Can’t sleep.  Not consciously worried, but it must be in there somewhere.

Big hugs and hope you get positive results xxxx

Good luck ladies.

Good luck Pecan and Lady … hope you got the best possible outcomes xxxx

well that is the excuse I use so I dont have to admit it is probably to do with my age :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Lady m that is fab x had a friend round earlier and just came me on to see if anything from today’s ladies due results so pleased to read this xx

Just got in.  My news is this:

Cancer upgraded to grade 3.

Size downgraded, though how this is possible I don’t know, to 21mm.  (From 27)

No node involvement, good margins (I had told him take lots).

However, they have said that this puts me on some border and they have sent my sample for Oncotype testing, and I will have those results in 3 weeks.  Funny thinking of a small piece of me visiting the USA before I do.


I have a whole lot more researching to do.  He removed 80g of breast, and the Nottingham prognostic value is 4.4.  Too much information?  I am frying steak for supper, and can’t help thinking of the comparison in weight to what was removed.  Macabre!  What is WRONG with me?


So this gives me 3 weeks before the next step, and I’d like to find an isolated cottage somewehere where I can do nothing.  Does anyone have any ideas?

Pecan so sorry you got to wait again but best to get it right so they know treatment plan and how best to tackle everything.
Chaffinch the place you describe sound idyllic
Hope you find somewhere nice pecan xx

Just goes to show every case is unique and we can all just fight with all that we have I sincerely hope everyone of us is a success story x
Every day we are here be it good or bad means we are kicking @ss ?Here is a toast that the good outweighs the bad xxx

Thank you.

I could do with some of that wine that’s being toasted with.

Ha ha I won’t be held responsible when we all crop up on another well known group and I don’t mean the automobile association x hope you all have a restful night



I honestly do not know if this will help, i certainly hope it does, almost 12 months ago I was diagnosed with bc following a recall from my routine 3 yearly mammogram.  I remember walking, well if you can call it walking, stumbling more like with my lovely friend who was with me, I looked up and REALLY noticed how blue the sky was and how green the trees were, I was terrified that I would not be around in 12 months time.


Well my friend and I are going out to mark the fact that 12 months later I am still here by celebrating, I was diagnosed the day before her birthday, I am so happy that it will be a very different birthday for her this year.


Sending you all a hug and you have us all by your side always



Helena xxx

After reading loads of posts I think my tumour was quite big at 37 mm but not sure what size means with everything else x I am mega confused