Results from biopsy on thursday

Hi I am new on here. I am 38 and was referred to the great clinic after I found a hard lump in my left breast. At the clinic they said the results of the ultrasound confirmed the lump was not a cyst as I had hoped so they did a biopsy to see what it is, I go back for the results on Thursday. I was feeling OK about it all but as Thursday gets closer I am worrying more and couldn’t sleep last night. I don’t really have a family history of BC my great aunt had BC she is the only family member and my grandmother had ovarian cancer but I’m not sure whether there is a link between that and BC? I am hoping the results will say it is one of the benign conditions as I don’t have any other symptoms. They checked my armpits and said all was fine there. The nurse at the end of the tests said they couldn’t be 100% sure what it was and they would tell me if they thought it was cancer which they didn’t  but the doc who did the biopsy said things like “there’s nothing you can do about it now, go and enjoy your weekend etc what will be will be” which left me thinking  maybe it is cancer? So many thoughts in my head the waiting is awful. I have 2 children aged 4 and 6 and a husband whom I know will struggled to cope if it’s bad news so worrying about them mainly. 




Was also wondering if anyone else had found a hard lump with no other symptoms of BC?

Hi Emma, I’m sorry you find yourself in limbo land , it’s the absoloute worst place to be! There is no second guessing with BC I’m afraid, we’ve had so many ladies here who have been told all looks ok and then it isn’t and then those who have been warned at biopsy that they are certain it will be cancer for it to come back clear, I was amongst the we are sure this is OK group, but I was diagnosed anyway, there is no rhyme or reason to it!

I had no symptoms at all, i went to have a lump checked out which turned out to be just fat and my actual cancer was picked up via ultrasound in a different area of my breast, it hadn’t shown on the mammogram either and nothing could be felt. Ovarian and breast cancer can be linked with the BRCA gene but don’t fret over that as its rare to have it and the majority of BC is just bad luck , my mum died from it years ago yet mine isn’t linked to her in anyway just one of those things, you have a good chance of it being ok as most lumps are , I know this is going to be a stressful few days until you get results but try and stay as focused as you can and keep your mind busy and off anything beyond Thursday Xx Jo