Results from CT scan

Had CT scan last night and results (very speedily) back today. Not spread to Lungs/liver etc and I am very very relieved - although they are pointing out both CT and MRI show Lymph Nodes enlarged, this has been checked with ultrasound and looked ‘normal’. Anyone else had this discrepancy? They tell me Ultrasound is the more reliable, but still a bit worried about it.
So - my plan is chemo, then mast, then rads. So let’s do it - zap the bugger!
My 5 yr old is a bit worried - but told her poorly lump will soon be gone with special green medicine!
How is everyone else doing out there?
Ali x (bestie)

Hi bestie

I’m not sure which is the best scan for that, but sometimes the lymph nodes can be slightly ‘inflamed’ I think, and larger than normal - but it doesn’t necessarily mean there is cancer in them. My lymph nodes were enlarged after surgery - probably a reactive change to the FNA that I had previously, is what my surgeon thought. They were clear, btw.

Good luck with your treatment, and the special medicine isn’t green it is bright red !!! :slight_smile:


Hi Ali,
I start my 1st chemo on friday the 1st of 8 , they are still unsure about my lymph nodes , i have a lump under my arm but because i am starting chemo before surgery they are going to wait and see after my treatments if it reduces and that will be dealt with when i have surgery afterwards, my little girl is 4 tommorow and i am walking in the race for life , my mum and myself and little girl are all walking in pink with pink glittery angel wings , hope it doesnt rain !! feel so much stronger than i did a couple of weeks ago thanks to such great support of everybody on this site,
Take care
let me know how you get on
love galen x