Results from my WLE tomorrow

I’ve got my post-surgery results appointment tomorrow afternoon. I’ve been really wound up about it. Much more so than getting results from my second biopsy. I think it’s just dawning on me that there is no neat, “draw a line under it” ending to this. It’s not going to go back to how it was.

I feel quite guilty about it. It was only 10mm DCIS. I hope that is still the diagnosis.

The surgeon did a really neat job from what I can see. (The steristrips are still on.) I hope hope hope he hasn’t got to go back in.

Wish me luck

Hi Maria, I wish you lots of luck for tomorrow, the waiting is the worst! I also had DCIS but had to have mastectomy because they spotted more than one patch on the mammogram. My biggest relief at the results was that sentinel nose was clear, hopefully it will be the same for you . Let me know how you get on. X

Thank you for your kind words KiKi2.


Ok the results were mixed.

  • The good news is there was no invasive cancer found.
  • The less good news is I got upgraded from “at least intermediate” to “some high grade DCIS”
  • The even less good news is that it was far more extensive than they thought and basically I only had one clear margin.
  • The far less good news was I will now lose the nipple that the surgeon so carefully cut around (really he did a beautiful job.)

I am back in for surgery on 26th and I have a choice of a further WLE, with no guarantee that he will get it all out (so a mastectomy may follow anyway) or go straight to mastectomy (with immediate reconstruction and he recommends an implant.)


Booked in for the WLE, but I have till the end of the week to change my mind and opt for the mastectomy on the same date.