results from sterio tactic (gamma knife) brain surgery

Hi girls, thought some of you maybe interested in the results of my MRI since my sterio tactic surgery that I had 2 days before christmas? Its all good the tumour is still the same size (only 5mm) hasnt got any bigger and no new ones, hooray! Hopefully it will be stunted forever.

Already had WBR and surgery to remove a golf ball sized one, this gamma knife surgery is now the only option I have, and I can have it as many times as needed? (not that I really want to do it again, but I guess I will if I have to!)

Hope you are all well over there and its not too cold for all those spring lambs?
with love,


Hi Suzy…I was wondering if you were okay…that all sounds very good news. I think you can have gamma knife many times…It’s very cold here…snow…hail…Love Belinda…xx

So glad that your surgery went well - isn’t it amazing that we can view having gamma knife surgery as often as you want as a plus!! Don’t know about spring lambs, it certainly has been ‘brass monkeys’ here.