Results from WLE to remove DCIS microcalcifications tomorrow . So scared !

Left breast


I’m sure you will be looked after really well but I know it’s hard to stay calm. I do find slow breathing ( count 4 in and 5 out,  5 in, 6 out, 6 in 7 out, 7 in 8 out and so on til I get to about 10ish and then try to keep that going).

Hope thing go well, let us know how you get on?


Thanks for message. Yep will definitely try the breathing tip. Hopefully I will know more tomorrow and can get a plan in place either way .

I am one of the lucky ones and still absorbing the news that my surgeon got good margins after my op and they will save radiotherapy for if it reoccurs and need it more then.
So just to continue to heal from my op and next check up 6 months .
I felt I wanted to share my good news as when I was looking for similar situations the stories were all re excision and I felt my chances were also low to have got it in one hit but miracles do happen. We must keep strong but oh so hard to do . Good luck everyone X

Oh, that’s such good news! You must be sooooo relieved.

Thanks for posting, we need to hear happy things, xx

Thank you. Dodged bullet for now but yes feel can sleep tonight .
Take care