Results - Good

As. newbie to all of this, I had my appt yesterday.

Its been very odd… I’ve actually been sleeping better than normal, and not really concerned.  Legs were a bit wobbly going along, but I didn’t find myself occupying the bathroom every 2 minutes like I usually am when anxious, and no tears.

Had exam, mammogram and ultra sound.  Result, the lump, likely result of breast trauma, no action required.

However, very weirdly had the worst night’s sleep last night, and today I feel really down and upset.  I expect its relief.  I know it was the right thing to go, but I do feel like I’m insulting all those women who don’t get good news.

I just wanted to say, as someone who was seen by GP and hospital in 2 weeks, the (8) people I’ve seen couldn’t have been nicer, gentle, polite, and very professional.

Thank you forum, for supporting as I needed it.


@JayBea  - thank you very much for coming back to share your good news, I’m so pleased for you. It is really helpful for others at the testing and waiting stage to know that not all lumps/changes are bad news and there can be other explanations. So please don’t think that you are insulting anyone, you aren’t at all.

I am sure even if you didn’t realise it at the time your body was in a heightened state of alert (or stressed) and today when you relax all those emotions are flooding out. I hope as the day goes on that you feel better, but we are all here to chat still if you need. You’ve had an unpleasant experience and worry, so now is the time for lots of kindness to yourself, treats, getting out in the sun, whatever makes you feel good. Big hugs, Evie xx

_ Dear JayBea, _

what a lovely kind person you are, having gone through a very worrying time and you are thinking of all the other lovely ladies who haven’t been quite so lucky as you. 
Take good care, enjoy life you deserve it. big hug to you. With love Tili :rainbow: