Results in but not what I wanted!

Results in but not what I wanted!

Results in but not what I wanted! Hi all,

Well the results are in and had news much earlier than expected,
the cancer has been detected in one of three glands removed when they did the sentinel node biopsy, they tell me is still very early
stages in cancer - so mastectomy will go ahead next thursday 26th April as have two bits of DCIS and a lump. This also means no
reconstruction for at least a year and as I have had two c-sections
can not have a free tummy tuck either! will have to have cemo so no hair for a while - up until this point I have been very positive but am finding it really hard to stay positive at the moment, had lots of tears and feeling very sorry for myself and this is not really me! - I’m known for my smile and happy personality

Have had my pre-op which was a very long appointment and should also be meeting again with the Doctors on Tuesday but not sure what to do as know what is going to happen so what more can they tell me – the consultant was very reassuring but not sure what questions to ask anymore - feel that every time I go to the hospital they just giving me more bad news! - when will it end.

I 'm continuing to keep home life as normal as possible just for my children so will go to work and try to do some! - my 15 yr old Daughter has been very supportive for her young age and gives me a good talking in a loving way when she sees me getting low - how the tables have turned! My family and friends are with me all the way and so many people have wished me well and have been very kind - this I find so very heart warming!

I need all the support and advice anyone can give me - especially
as to diet and exercise as feel this can one area that I can improve
on and can at least control some of my life. (especially things that really helped/worked after the op!)

Will continue to smile and have lots of laughs in-between the tears!
Heres looking forward to thursday and beyond!

Love to all and wish you all the best what ever stage you are at!


Good luck! Hi Sharon,

Just wanted to wish you all the best for your op.

You sound positive, but be kind to yourself and allow those tears - they’re a good pressure valve for all those pent up emotions. Make you feel better afterwards. There will be good and bads days, but hopefully more good. Just enjoy the little things in life. Glad you have lots of support around you. Your daughter sounds like a real sweetheart!

Keep going, you’re very brave!!

Jacki xx

Hi Sharon Hi Sharon

Just wanted to do the same as Jacki really and wish you all the best for Thursday. To be honest, I’m a little jealous, as I’ve got to have at least 5 to 6 months of chemo before having my mastectomy as my tumour is too big. Am due in hospital for a sentinal node biopsy tomorrow, so not looking forward to that one bit, and we’re hopefully starting chemo on Friday.

I’m lucky like you to have a wonderful teenage daughter who keeps me strong and makes me laugh. She’s quite chuffed at the fact that she can have my hair straighteners for thenext few months as I obviously won’t be needing them ! She also sussed today that she can have my hairdryer too - cheeky madam ! I was worried abut the fact that my eyelshes may fall out too, but she reckons she’s going to go out and get me not only a red curly wig from Claires Accessories but some of those awful fake eyelashes with diamante on the end ! I’m amazed how kids can be so resilient,but personally this is what I need to get me through - lots of laughs.

The next few months are gong to be crap for all us ladies on here, but if we can keep smiling (and hitting the alcohol on occasion!), we WILL all get through it.

Once again, lots of luck for Thursday and let us know how you get on when you get a chance.

Love Julie x

Julie Good luck with your Sentinal Node Biopsy tomorrow. I’m sure you’ll be fine.

Jacki xx

good luck sharon,
just wanted to wish you all the best for your mastectomy on thursday… I had mine on 1st March and it wasnt half as bad as I thought it was going to be! I quite enjoyed putting my feet up in hospital too, reading trashy magazines and eating lots of chocolate! Just as well as Im back in again on 1st May to have my lymph nodes cleared!
Pauline x