results Mon - petrified


I get my results tomorrow from biopsy and they also did something with my lymph node (not sure what - i was a mess).  I am so petrified i can’t stop shaking and i feel sick.  Is this normal?  I can only think of worst case scenarios and that they are going to tell me it is untreatable.  Does anyone have any ways of trying to calm down as i don’t know how i will get there - I have 2 buses to catch.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Debi,

…& breathe, it’s quite normal, we’ve all been there.  

Honestly, the uncertainty of not knowing is far worse than the reality as the mind goes into overdrive in filling in the gaps & tends to catastrophise it all. 

We’ve all been there & nothing is as bad as not knowing. 

It will feel a lot better when you know what’s going on & yes, it will be treated & you will get through it. 

ann x

Hope all goes well tomorrow for you, let us know how you get on. Deep breaths  you can do this xxxx

I too am petrified and waiting on staging results and treatment plan. Got initial diagnosis of grade 2 invasive ductal breast cancer thursday last week. Every thought is consumed by cancer, not knowing the full picture is torture. I do understand how u feel. Best wishes.

Hope all goes well for you, take care.


At least you now know what’s going to happen, which is good - as the uncertainty awaiting results is awful. 

I had my wide local excision & sentinental node removal on 12/3, my results are wed 27/3.  I feel so nervous, but just want to get in with whatever treatment is required. 

Good luck with your treatment x