results not ready????

Nurse called and said that my results (had mastectomy 2 weeks ago and nodes removed) were not ready for tomorrow’s appt. and that the lab wanted to do further stains… I am so concerned …what could this mean? Anyone have this experience?

Hi there Lee

I has a WLE in Jan and had a similar conversation about my results,in my case it was the HER2 status that took longer than everything else. If it is that its called a FISH test (Florescence In-Situ Hybridisation) please dont ask me to explain I dont really understand it all.

Good luck with everything. Shonagh xx

Hello Lee,
I know it’s hard not to, but i want to say try not to worry unduly. It is most likely something technical such as they didn’t quite put enough stain on the first time, or some cells seem to need two applications or whatever, or the lab’s got behind cos of staffing issues. (I’m guessing - have no clue what they do really!) It’s just that we always jump to conclusions out of our fear.
I know how hard it is to wait - it’s like torture - but at least when you do go you should get definite results and a clear plan of treatment based on scientific fact. And that, as many of us have found, is the most amazing relief and reassurance .
I wish you well for your results. Just try to keep busy in the meantime, doing things with people you enjoy being with.
Love Jacquie x

Thank you so much for the comments. I have had good results with chemo prior to surgery with the tumors not being measurable on last mammogram and scan so I was hoping it had zapped the scattered ones. I had a 2.4 cm and 6mm in breast and a large node prior to chemo… surgery was behind me so I was really upset when i got the call from the nurse. I just thought they found more or bad results… I know I don’t need to worry tho… it doesn’t help.
thank you for the support… I appreciate it.

Lee xx