Results of biopsy tomorrow from last friday

Should have had an appt on monday at 3pm but blast nurse has just phoned to say results are in…although doctor who did biopsy seemed very positive and said it should be easily treatable I’m so so worried I’m 12 years on from thyroid cancer and it’s bringing it all back ?

Hi Pam,it’s torture waiting for results isn’t it? Did the doctor say he thought it was BC?Caught early it’s very treatable and there are lots of us on this site who have been diagnosed ,treated and now getting on with our “normal” lives again.What time is your appointment ?

Yep think they are quite certain…He said its small and should be easily treatable …The ultrasound picked it up…and he did the biopsy the same day…only noticed the indentation on the 15th October thought I’d done it at yoga

Just ready to set off for my results

Good luck!

Just updating …results back…stage 2 having to have lumpectomy and radiotherapy. .hopefully not long off…lump is 1.7cm…feeling positive. .having to come off the pill as e estrogen fuelled…

Sorry you didn’t get better news Pam but like you say best just get on now and get rid of the bugger.The fact that it oestrogen positive is good as you can take Tamoxifen to help prevent a reoccurrence .

Hi Pam,

So sorry to hear your news.

Could I ask you a question please. When you noticed the indent, could you it you doctors feel the lump? Or was it picked up on scan?


Hi I didn’t feel the lump initially the doctor did it was a pea sized smooth small lump…underneath my breast. .I only noticed the indentation

Thank you Pam,

Really appreciate you coming back to me. X