Results today at 2.30

I get my results at 2.30 today from an ultra sound & core biopsy last Tuesday.
I’ve convinced myself that if there was anything wrong they’d have called me in sooner?
Is that something they tend to do if it’s BC?
I was told at the time that whatever this little lump was below my left breast, underneath my areola area, that it was very small, & I think I heard the word papilloma mentioned.
Good luck to all of you waiting on your results, & wish me luck for today please :slight_smile:
My husband is picking me up about 1.45 & coming with me, thank goodness.

Hi Rachel,


As I type this it is just gone 2.30, so thinking about you sitting in the clinic waiting to hear your results. I hope it is good news. I’m glad your husband is going with you to hold your hand while you wait. 


All the best


poemsgalore xx

Hi, thinking of you today, hope it all went well for you, big hugs xx

I got the all clear thank goodness.
Just benign changes.
Lovely people & so efficient (Glenfield in Leicester)
Told to stay vigilant & always keep checking for any changes to any existing or new lumps.
Very very relieved.

Thank you so much 'poemsgalore & 'Kar235 for your kind words
Good luck to all the ladies still waiting for results xxx

Thank you Poemsgalore
Myself & my husband are extremely relieved as you can imagine.
We are now looking at booking that weekend away we’ve been putting on hold! :slight_smile:
Thanks again for your kind words & support
take care xxx