Results tomorrow

Well tomorrow is results day with my oncologist. Hoping they say no chemo but if they do then I’m ready to get on with it . I’m off to aintree races straight after my appointment life will go on ???keep positive ladies xxx

All the best for tomorrow xxx

Good Luck tomorrow xxx

I felt just like you do- I saw the Oncologist on Tuesday to discuss treatment.  I was so nervous & prepared for the worst- but hoping for the best.  I feel very lucky to be informed that I just need Radiotherapy and Tamoxifen, no to chemo. 

My last rads tomorrow Nicky. As  I ring the bell at Clatterbridge you will be at Aintree hopefully collecting your winnings!

Wishing you the best of luck tomorrow. Will be thinking of you, crossing fingers and hoping your results appointment goes well.

Whatever happens tomorrow remember that your attitude makes you a winner!

big hug



Guess you are seeing your oncologist today for your results.  Just want to say good luck and be positive ?? let us know yeah !! ??

Good luck xx

Well it’s my choice if I want chemo or not . Based on onco score 5% benefit from chemo . I am thinking I will go with radiotherapy and hormone tablets as the odds are in my favour but got until next Friday to decide so going to give it more thought . Thank you everyone for your kind words xx