Hi, I have a post on ‘have I got bc’ wall, under abbess… So the story is there. However I would like to know what 2B is on a pathology report, as I had my results last Thursday. Please can someone help me. Thank you all so much.

I have no idea - just bumping this ever onwards and upwards, in case someone else can help!

Could you phone your bcn and ask her? I’m sure she’ll know.

Sophie xx

It’s your stage. Your can find more info on the cancer research site, your stage relates to your tumour size and lymph node involvement. I am stage 2b as my tumours were >7cm.

hi bubbles,
every path dept tends to report with a slight difference. in our path dept the B stands for biopsy (a core biopsy), they score it from 1 to 5. a B1 being deffo benign and B5 being deffo cancer. they usually would except a B2 as benign if this is backed up with what your imaging report said. A B3 and B4 they prob would want to biopsy again. A B5a is DCIS and a B5b is an invasive cancer.
Hope this makes sense, i would contact the unit or breast care nurse to ensure you are fully informed,

Hi, thanks for that, what is your treatment on your stage 2B? I am confused, as they told me I have to have more tests. Cheers Helen.

hi helen,
i would give your bcn a call tomorrow and get her to go over your results with you. Ask her why they need to do more tests if the result is B2 and ask her what your imaging results were and what the suggested. if you feel you would not be happy to leave the lump there even if further test come back ok and you would worry about it, you are within your rights to say you want it removed for your piece of mind.

hope this is helpful