Hi all, just wanted to share my good news with you all, went to the hospital today for my results after my mx and snb at the beggining of june…and i’ve been given the all clear, there was nothing in my nodes ( YAY). So now i’ve just got to heal and go back for yearly checks.I feel like i’m walking on air!!!. I consider myself very, very lucky that my bc was found so very early by a routine mammogram. Thanks to you all for your help and support…xx

thats great news mrsdomino, wish you well for the future and hope you dont need to come back on here in the future. Take care. Joyce xx

Thats fantastic news . Really pleased to hear some good news for somebody on here .
Lisha xx

Fab news mrsdomino, I’ll chink my virtual glass of fizz to you later on, you must be so relieved. Enjoy your feelings of elation, you deserve them.
Bev x

Great news!

And do come back to the forums whenever you feel the need, or leave them behind you if that’s what you need.